World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day or World PT Day is observed on 8th September every year. The day create awareness and acknowledge the role played by Physical Therapist in making their society and community healthy, mobile and independent.

The day raises awareness about the benefits of physical therapy. It urges people to choose PT to improve mobility, manage pain and chronic conditions, recover from injury, and prevent future injury.

Movement and exercise are fundamental to leading a healthy, happy life – whatever age you may be. The World Health Organization says that inactivity is one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide. We should make physical activity a public health priority.

The profession of physiotherapy helps millions of people every year to prevent and manage the effects of NCDs.  Along with the effects of inactive lifestyles, aging, illness, accidents, and the stresses and strains of life.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists (PTs) are highly educated, licensed healthcare professionals who can help you reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. Sometimes without surgery or the need for prescription medications.

Physical therapy originated as a professional group that dated back to Per Henrik Ling, who is known as the “father of Swedish gymnastics.” He founded the royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in the year 1813 for massage, manipulation and exercise. In 1851, the term “Physiotherapy” first appeared in its German form “Physiotherapie” in an article written by Dr. Lorenz Gleich, a military physician from Bavaria. In an English article published in Montreal Medical Journal in the year 1894, Dr. Edward Playter used the word “Physiotherapy.” With time, the word “Physiotherapie” changed to “Physiotherapy” and then to “Physical therapy.”

Physical therapists (PT) who were once known as reconstruction aides. It evolved through a series of changes to become the present ever-growing confident and accomplished professionals in the health care system. They play a very important role of providing rehabilitation and habilitation services as well as prevention and risk reduction training. In Sweden, PTs were called “sjukgymnast,” which translates to “someone involved in gymnastics for those who are ill”.

World Physical Therapy Day Theme

The theme for World Physical Therapy Day 2022 will focus on the last year theme – “Physical therapy helps to overcome setbacks.”

World Confederation for Physical Therapy

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), which was founded on 8th September 1951. It has a goal to promote international health by encouraging the use of research in education and by exchanging opinions and information. For that reason, 8th September has been established as a day which ‘marks the unity and solidarity of the physical therapy community from 101 countries around the world’ (WCPT, 2010). It highlights the contribution of the physiotherapy profession to patient rehabilitation.

The day marks the unity and solidarity of the global physiotherapy community. It is an opportunity to recognize the work that physiotherapists do for their patients and community. Using World PT Day as a focus, World Physiotherapy aims to support member organizations in their efforts to promote the profession and advance their expertise.

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How to Observe World Physical Therapy Day

Physical Therapy Day, is dedicated to Physical therapists throughout the world, and aims to recognize their commitment to keeping us all fighting-fit. If you are a Physical therapists then you should spend the day creating awareness of how a Physical therapists can act in the well-being of the society. If your family member or friend is the PT, then is the time to shower them with appreciation!

Celebrate yourself or the important Physical Therapist in your life by taking time to acknowledge the important work achieved through consistency and perseverance. It is a day to reflect your own health and well-being and educate yourself. How a Physical therapists work to undo damage, educate on healthy behavior and to restore lost or damaged functionality.

Raise awareness by participating in the any campaign, volunteering your time, and educating others about the benefits of PT. Celebrate the important, life-changing work performed by Physical Therapists!

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