World Organ Donation Day – 13th August

World Organ Donation Day – 13th August

World Organ Donation Day is observed on August 13 every year, a day dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of organ donation. Organ donation is an amazing opportunity. The concept of giving a part of yourself to someone to make them whole and healthy is absolutely awe-inspiring. By educating our communities, we can take small steps every day to help save and restore more lives, and continue to honor the legacy of our donors.

On Organ Donation Day government organizations and other related professionals organize programs to motivate people to donate organs and make them understand the value of donating organs and giving life to others. Organ donation is the biggest donation this world needs right now. Organ donor plays the role of God in their life.

Organ transplantation is one of the great advances in modern medicine. Unfortunately, the need for organ donors is much greater than the number of people who actually donate. What’s most interesting is that one single person can potentially save the lives of more than eight others, if they are an organ — kidney, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, intestine, and VCA — donor. And if someone is also a tissue donor — meaning they would donate bone, tendons, cartilage, connective tissue, skin, corneas, sclera, heart valves, and vessels — they can save, or change, the lives of nearly 75 people.

Your donation means the world to a person in need, and most likely it will be someone in your immediate area, a person who can directly impact your community. As you can imagine, finding the right match for these donations is no simple task, but as we create more awareness, more organ & tissue recipients will have the chance of getting their lives saved or enhanced by donors.

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There are a few things that anyone, registered donor or not, can do to raise awareness for the need for donors:

  • Encourage members of your community to discuss registering as organ and tissue donors with their family and friends. Set up a table display in your community to distribute educational materials and answer questions about organ and tissue donation.

  • Some ways people show their support these days are wearing a Donate Life pin or clothing, posting or sharing photos or quotes on social media, or talking with their loved ones about their donation wishes. You can, of course, write posts, tag friends who have been affected by the donation process, and share blogs like this and other articles showing just how easy it is to save a life.

  • If you are not already on the registry, now is as an excellent time to sign up. It really is an easy process. The most amazing thing about being a donor is that just one donor can save up to eight lives. Joining the registry is one of the best ways to leave your mark on this world. You can download the Donor Form.

  • As you spread awareness about organ donation, encourage your friends and family to sign up with you. Starting this conversation can be difficult, as it deals with sensitive issues, but by educating yourself, you can easily broach the topic with compassion.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many transplant centers are closed or have decided to postpone transplants until sometime in the future. The impact of COVID-19 and delaying transplants has now become catastrophic.

Just by donating your organs, you can continue to live forever.

“Let us make it a special World Organ Donation Day by spreading more and more awareness about this kind act which this world needs. Happy World Organ Donation Day.”

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