World Oceans Day – June 8th

World Oceans Day – June 8th

World Oceans Day is observed on 8th June every year to celebrate oceans, their role in our everyday life, and protect them. Ocean Week is celebrated from June 1-8 to generate awareness and improve the health of our blue planet.

The theme of World Oceans Day 2023 is “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing“. World Oceans Day is a great day to commit to doing something differently to help the seas. It serves as a celebration and a reminder of how important our seas and oceans are to maintaining a healthy planet.

The ocean is the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe, is a major source of food and medicines, and a critical part of the biosphere. More than ever before, the ocean is under stress from human activities including greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and over-exploitation.

Oceans and seas are still the least protected areas on Earth. As a result of ocean and wildlife threats, the United Nations recently urged individuals to call on world leaders to protect 30% of our planet by 2030. Oceans contain 97 percent of the world’s water resources. They are rich in biodiversity, provide raw materials, food, and pharmaceutical ingredients. They keep energy stocks available, serve as transport routes and offer valuable recreational space.

History of World Oceans Day 

World Oceans Day was an idea that arose at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was adopted by a United Nations General Assembly Resolution in 2008. Oceans Week, June 1 – 8, was declared by the Board of World Oceans Day Canada in 2010. The international day supports the implementation of worldwide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fosters public interest in the protection of the ocean and the sustainable management of its resources.

World Oceans Day is leading a global movement to call on world leaders to protect more of our oceans, through a network of highly protected areas. Experts, researchers, and campaigners believe this will help make sure we have a healthy home – for humans and for marine life – in the future.

The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, with 24 members ages 16 – 23 from 20 diverse countries, provides new and unique perspectives, ideas, and recommendations for rallying the world for our ocean. With continued engagement year-round, Council members help shape the development of World Oceans Day by inspiring actions, big and small, that provide opportunities for ocean conservation 365 days a year.

How can you get involved?

Due to the current pandemic, many World Oceans Day events have been transformed into virtual events this year, while it’s impossible to meet up in person. But there is still plenty happening online – from webinars to art competitions. World Oceans Day has its own Youth Advisory Council, which was created to help connect and unite youth around the world. Their goal is to be a global network of leaders that help shape the vision and actions for a better future with a healthier ocean. You can support them and keep up to date with projects by joining the Global Youth Movement.

The World Ocean Day website has an event planning guide as well as free resources to help you plan and promote a successful and meaningful ocean celebration. Learn about the ocean and how you can help and also find events to participate in: use hashtags #WorldOceanDay #Protect30x30 #OceanClimateAction #SeaTurtleWeek to spread the word.

A lot of events will be organized all around the world in order to mobilize millions of people. So, let’s celebrate the oceans, and let’s appreciate what they give us. What better way to celebrate World Oceans Day than by digging in the sand, discovering tide pools, and surfing the waves? so head to the beach!

World Oceans Day reminds us that every day we need to be relentless in speaking, working, and advocating toward preserving and restoring the oceans. But, let’s also be relentless in letting the oceans do the same for us. It is right that we celebrate this day once each year. But it is even more important that we all do our part to protect these oceans for the remaining 364 days a year.

Working together, we can achieve the objectives of SDG 14. It is up to us all to #SaveourOcean. We wish a very Happy World Ocean Day to all!

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