World Brain Tumor Awareness Day – June 8th

World Brain Tumor Awareness Day – June 8th

World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of June, while June is known as Brain Tumour Month worldwide. This day was set aside to be celebrated globally by an association of brain tumors that are based in Germany (German Brain Tumor Association). World Brain Tumor Day helps in raising awareness to the public and educating them on brain tumors, a type of cancer that is not common and most people do not know about it.

The association of brain tumors created this day to be celebrated so that it would draw attention to the public and this includes the businessmen, politicians, medical and research institutions in the importance of funding the research that is done on brain tumor and the collaboration of interdisciplinary. The aim of doing this is to come up with ways of treatment that are effective and affordable.

What Is A Brain Tumour?

A brain tumor develops when the cells in the brain proliferate in an abnormal way. The tumor can be of two types -malignant, which means cancerous, these cells grow and spread to other parts of the body, or benign (non-cancerous), these cells do not grow or spread and if removed generally do not regrow. Most brain tumors are non-cancerous (benign) and less than one third are cancerous which can develop at any age. Tumors are graded from 1 to 4 stages, which depends on their location, how rapidly cells multiply and spread to adjacent organs.

Among a lot of other projects, World Brain Tumor Day is dedicated to persons, who lost their fight against the brain tumor as well as to patients, who are still fighting this battle. Anybody can be faced with this diagnosis, but the cognition about the illness is rare because of the un-frequent incidence of brain tumors in comparison to other kinds of cancer, they are hardly noticed in the public.

No exact cause can be referred to with regard to brain tumors. Also, there isn’t any specific age limit too. The primary aspect to identify is definitely having a close look at symptoms of

  • Stroke
  • A consistent headache
  • Problem with vision
  • Muscle twitching
  • Problems with memory

World Brain Tumor Day helps raise public awareness and education on brain tumors, which most people are ignorant about. It is also a day to help the affected people in facing their challenges through various programs.

How can you safeguard yourself?

The primary tool to prevent brain tumors is by controlling your lifestyle. This means eating healthy, exercising, avoiding known carcinogens in your environment, and reducing stress.

  • Sleep: Sleep is a friend for brain health. An adequate amount of rest with eyes shut keeps your brain healthy.

  • Frankincense oil: Along with yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to reduce stress, inhaling frankincense oil can help alleviate inflammation in the brain.

  • Anti-cancer diet: Consuming a diet rich in cancer-fighting nutrients like antioxidants is critical in preventing brain tumors.

  • Ketogenic diet: A ketogenic diet is a high protein diet. It reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain which is associated with brain tumors. It also shuts down the nutrient supply to tumors.

  • Calorie restriction: Dietary restriction, especially fasting has anti-carcinogenic properties just as the ketogenic diet.

  • Limit exposure to mobile phones: Cell phones use increases the risk for brain tumors. So restriction prevents these tumors. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Neurologist.

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