What Is Happiness

What Is Happiness

Happiness is a broad term that describes the experience of positive emotions, such as joy, contentment and satisfaction. Happiness plays a preety important rols in our lives, and can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Happy people are more likely to be healthier and live longer, to have better social relationships, and to be more productive at work.

When we talk about happiness, we talk about how you feel at the present moment, or how we fell about life overall. Finding Happiness is a daily struggle of every person be it rich or poor, as wealth does not guarantee happiness.

True happiness means different things to different people. Some may say it comes with true love; others may say it has to do with the possession of everything the world has to offer. True happiness is about being at peace with the creator after fulfilling divine purpose on earth. It is that inner satisfaction you have, knowing that someone out there enjoys a privilege as a result of my input and efforts in their lives.

Happiness is more or less a fantasy of the mind. It’s there, yet hidden. It’s a measure of your life, intertwined with a feeling that you are light, free, restful and not overwhelmed. Only those who open their minds to see beyond what their eyes can see will have it.

Value Of Happiness

Happiness is not the same as pleasure. Pleasure is wonderful and happiness includes pleasures, but it is different. Happiness is something deeper than that. It is backdrop of your life that makes everyday life rewarding. It gives you strength in hard times, and it frees you to enjoy life fully at every opportunity.

If happiness was determined by pleasure, then the people with the most money would be the happiest people. But the truth is there are plenty of miserable millionaries in this world. Once people can afford the very basics of life, there is almost no correlation between wealth and happiness.

The reason happiness seems difficult to define is because it is unique to each individual. There is no one thing or event that would make any person happy all the time. For small babies, happiness is simple. It is created by love and comfort. Happiness comes easily to children because the world is fresh, new, and exciting for them. As we grow up and explore the world, happiness is triggered by the joys of discovering the world and ourselves.

In the first half of life we open up and explore. We make plenty of mistakes, and learn from them, and we build up a bank of experience. As we develop our powers, we find happiness in our achievments. In the second half of life, we begin to bring together and integrate all that we learned. In this way we get to know ourselves better. Eventually, as we get a bit wiser, we find happiness in self-realization and bringing happiness to others. Happiness arises from respecting your own highest values and deepest wishes. So, what make you happy is not fixed.

Happiness is relative to your own progress through life

This explains why at certain times happiness can seem elusive. you grow up a bit more and transition from one type of happiness to another. However, each time the source of our happiness evolves, it gets richer and deeper.

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