UK to cut international student visa by half

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United Kingdom is planning to introduce a tougher visa rules for International student.

All International student who wish to come to UK to study “low quality” courses will be hit hard by the new visa rules. Sources of universities have said they had seen plans for dramatic immigration cuts, including one proposal to reduce international student numbers to 170,000, down from 300,000 per year.

Recently the new elected US president Donald Trump have given anti immigration waves and have caused a concern for students who wish to come US in year 2017. While the US, Australia and Canada continue to remain the big three destinations for Indian students but now with this recent announcement regarding UK student visa, UK is making it harder for them to get the visas.

Between March 2014 and 2015, according to the statistics released by the Home Office, there has been a 10% decrease in Indians studying in the UK.

So Indian Students who are looking forward to study abroad, think twice as getting visa and work permit is not a easy task now.