UK Investor Visa

UK Investor Visa

Applying for a UK Investor Visa to immigrate to Britain allows a wealthy individual to come to the country as a passive portfolio investor.

This UK immigration service is one of several business visa applications through which immigration to the UK for business purposes may be achieved, however, like the sole representative visa and the entrepreneur visa for those wishing to live and work in the UK, applications for investor visas carry their own specific requirements, which must be satisfied.


This visa is for investors who have at least £1 million of their own money to invest in the United Kingdom and who want to make the United Kingdom their main home. Holders of this visa can ultimately obtain permanent residency status. This visa has work restrictions whereby people cannot take employment beyond managing their investments.

You have money of your own held in a regulated financial institution and disposable in the United Kingdom amounting to no less than £1,000,000; or You own personal assets which, taking into account any liabilities to which you are subject, have a value exceeding £2,000,000 and you have money under your control held in a regulated financial institution and disposable in the United Kingdom amounting to no less than £1,000,000, which has been loaned to you by a financial institution regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


These visas are normally granted for an initial period of three years. The visa can be extended in the United Kingdom one month prior to the visa expiry date. After 5 years of continuous stay in the United Kingdom on this visa, you may apply for a settlement visa.

Eligibility Criteria

A business visa application must be applied for from outside the country and will be subject to the satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • You must have at least £1 million in your control to invest in the UK or own personal assets which a value exceeding £2 million, taking into account any liabilities to which you are subject (i.e. personal net worth) and have money under your control in the UK amounting to no less than £1 million, which may include money loaned to you provided that is loaned by a financial institution regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and must be invested in:

  • You may not seek employment or undertake work in Britain other than managing your investments.

  • You must consider the United Kingdom to be your main home and accordingly spend at least 50% of your time in the country.

  • Documentary evidence of the funds at your disposal and your planned investments will need to be provided.


As with UK Entrepreneur visas for those wishing to set up a company in Great Britain, the investment based business immigration route is intended as a permanent settlement option. As a result, spouse immigration and dependent immigration are provided for by this service. Family immigration is permitted for your spouse or unmarried partner and any dependent children, and like a marriage visa or De Facto visa, often referred to as an unmarried partner visa your dependents will have the same rights to education, healthcare and the opportunity to seek and undertake employment as British citizens.

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