10 Tips For Saving Money When Buying Online

10 Tips For Saving Money When Buying Online
Online shopping

Online Shopping is something very feasible and everybody loves to buy while sitting in home. But doing shopping online can save you lot of money if you follow certain tips and tricks while shopping.

Next time before you order something online make sure you keep these tips in mind.

1. Search for better deals

Never buy your product directly from a website without googling it. After you find your product just search them in various sites like Google, Amazon and you could find it for less.
First compare prices from all major sites you will definitely grab the best deal. Google makes your shopping more easy by providing you Google Alert.

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2. Coupon sites

Use your different coupons effectively. You can use different coupons and promo codes in one go and dig more saving from the original price. The basic is using the coupons strategically to get the best discount. Websites like Groupon, saving.com, coupons.com gives you coupons and discounts available in the store.

3. Don’t pay shipping

Another way to save money in online shopping  is not paying for shipping. Many stores offer free shipping if you meet there minimum order amount. So instead of buying things alone make a list of items you need and order them all so that you get your free-shipping. If you cant get free shipping than go for in-store pickup.

4. Know the right day to shop your product

It seems tempting to shop online from home specially on Sunday, but before you checkout keep one thing in mind that stores roll out discounts in mid of week and not on Sundays. The best deals are from Wednesday through Friday.

You will find special deals on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays so don’t cash out on Sundays. But for Airlines ticket Sunday is the cheapest day and Monday the most expensive. If you do little research you will find some days are best for buying certain things, like Tuesday for Laptop, Saturdays for books, Wednesday is good for jewelry and Thursday for clothes.

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5. Leave the product you choose in your shopping cart

Have you ever noticed that when you search any product in your laptop, its ads for that shop will appear more often on other sites. Because you are interested in buying the product and they are happy to advertise the same in front of you.

Plus you can add the product in your basket and wait for the shop to send voucher to you soon. Make sure that you signed in to the website so that they know your email where they will offer you a discount.

6. Use more than one email address to sign in

The trick is to collect more coupons with multiple email addresses, you just need to sign in to their website using different email address and you will receive discount codes in every email newsletter sent.

7. Wait for holiday for a sale

If there is no urgency to buy a product that its better to wait for a holiday sale. Stores offer huge discounts on holidays and festivals like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving.

If you know something you buy regularly and its on sale than buy that thing in bulk and you will save in bulk, this goes well with toilet rolls, non perishable groceries, shampoo etc.

8. Use incognito to avoid dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is sneaky strategy online merchants offer they show different price to different customers according to their location and browsing history.

To avoid your self to be found and search as new customer clear your cookie and browser history, sign-out of your accounts and use incognito mode while browsing.

9. Use store loyalty program before purchasing

Stores often give you points or money off if you are a regular customer for their shop, so its worth signing up and using the card. Accumulating store loyalty points can be very slow but when its time to cash them it reaps well as you have spent enough money there.

10. Use referral program

Sites offer referral program use it to your advantage and save money. Be little social, follow your favorite stores on social media, they will send you coupons and sale alerts.

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