Online vs. In-Store Shopping

Online vs. In-Store Shopping
Online shopping

Daily we can see new offers online to attract shoppers for online sales and when it is a holiday shopping season, you will find a lot of online deals to lure customers. A recent survey shows rapid growth in online shopping, shoppers are making 51% of their purchases on the web than in-store.

Online shopping presumably saves time. It allows the consumer to have a wider range of price comparisons. Shopping in-store, on the other hand, gives the consumer a tactile experience.

But there are still some pros and cons of buying online and In-store.


  • Online shopping is easy you can compare and look at ten different shops in minutes and can buy the most reliable thing that suits you.

  • Nowadays every house has smartphones and laptops and is accessible to the internet so shopping is just a click away.

  • Online shopping is time-saving and the main thing is you don’t have to drive to shops wasting your gas and time in traffic.

  • Visiting a shop for shopping is not preferred for one item when you visit a shop you are spending more than you have planned for so online shopping is saving your money.

  • Online shopping is cheaper than in-store shopping, there are some deals that you can see online but visiting stores and getting all deals is difficult. So you many times result in buying cheap products online than in-store.


  • You can just see the product on-screen but can never try it or feel it, this goes mainly for dresses. The dress is something you need to try before buying but in online shopping, you just have to adjust according to size number color on the screen and then deal with the cost of return shipping.

  • You cant get the item immediately in online shopping, you have to wait till your order is ready then keep on track and wait for it to arrive. But in in-store, you can get your product in hand immediately.

  • Shipping the product to your doorsteps is not free you have to pay extra money for shipping and if it not suiting you then spend extra to return it.

Well, shopping is shopping and it’s your money and you know it better how to spend it and where you are feeling convenient and getting your choice of product.

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