Skype WiFi Not Available after March 31st

Skype WiFi Not Available after March 31st

Microsoft will stop the Skype WiFi service after March 31, 2017. It will no longer available for downloading the Skype WiFi application, and if you still have Skype WiFi installed after March 31st, the application will no longer be able to find and use hotspots.

You can use your Skype Credit to enjoy Skype’s other features, such as calling mobiles and landlines. This move of stopping the Skype WiFi application is to enable Microsoft to focus on the core Skype features.

Skype WiFi is an application by which you can get online at over 2 million public WiFi hotspots worldwide at the touch of a button.

Day after Microsoft announced its Skype Lite – Built for India it also announced the stopping of Skype WiFi services.

Skype Lite is the new Skype built for India to help you stay connected on the go.

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