Shree Shatruenjay Teerth – The highest shrines of Jainism

Shree Shatruenjay Teerth – The highest shrines of Jainism

Shatruenjay Teerth is one of the Shiromani pilgrimages of Jainism, located by the city of Palitana, in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India. To achieve happiness, peace, and salvation, it is very important to visit this pilgrimage. It has been the main and eternal pilgrimage from the time of many infinite pilgrims, where innumerable pilgrims, yogi Munis have attained salvation by performing penance.

At this sacred site, all the great pilgrims, in their minds, have won over many enemies, including anger, jealousy, attachment, greed, kindness, so it is called as the enemy.

At the same time, this place has also been the religious place of many great Jain pilgrims. It was said that the Vihar of Rishabhdev, the first Tirthankar of Jain religion, was 11 times; it is said that one of the holy shrines of Jainism, the enemy of Jainism, one of the holy shrines, has become sacred by the Tirthankar Rishabhdev stage touch.

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The glory of Mahatirtha Shatruenjoy is mentioned in many major texts and scriptures of Jainism.

Shatruenjay pilgrimage is located on the peaks of Palitana city of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state of India, which has remained at a height of 2000 feet. There are more than 863 Shikshakbandi Zenalas, and there are about 7 thousand temples, and more than 17 thousand Lord’s statues are splendid on the summit of Shri Shatruenjay Mahatirth.

With this, tell you that there are about 3,7 750 stairs on the path of Lord Adinath from the foothills, along with this there is a place of rest for the devotees on this path.

In front of the rest house, there are many Lord’s statues, including the Shailkasuri, Jali, Uvayali, Jain Tirthankar Neminath Bhagwan’s Ganadhar Varadatta, Adishwar, and Parsvnath Bhagwan’s Phase Padukas.

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With this, let us tell you that there are two ways to go to Shatrunjaya pilgrimage, a path which goes towards the temple of Lord Adinath, while the other way goes by nine tunks, before going to the main tokung, Waghanpol. Also while coming into the elephant, there are visions of God Kund, Bhima Kund, and Suraj Kund.

The view here is very captivating and religious. The divine philosophy of innumerable temples simultaneously in the Shrimeani shrine of Jainism is unique in itself.

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In the great texts and texts of Jainism, the holy land of innumerable Indian monks, and the worship center of infinite ascetics, Shri Shatruenjay is known by 108 other names. On the other side of this holy shrine, the enemy of holy and religious significance flows in the river, in which the desired result of bathing is obtained, in this holy river, very fortunate people can take bath.

Let us tell you that this holy and supreme pilgrimage center of Jainism has taken 16 rewards of Shri Shatruenjay.

Recognition of Shatranjay Tirtha

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It is believed about Jainism, the holy shrine of enemy Jainism, whoever comes here for Darshan, does not return empty hands, all the prayers of the devotees who come here are fulfilled, and they get liberation.

Along with this, devotees experience pleasure and happiness in the presence of this holy and divine place.

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