Return of CBSE Class X Board Exam

Return of CBSE Class X Board Exam

CBSE has made Board exams compulsory for class 10th from the academic session 2017-18. Currently, it is optional for students to choose either board or school-based exams.

The members of the board of CBSE had agreed that making board exams compulsory in the 10th class for all students. The total marks obtained will be 80 percent from board examinations while 20 percent from school-based evaluation during the year.

Sources said, in other key decisions, the CBSE decided that the three-language formula, under which Hindi, English, and Indian language are taught, should be extended to class IX and X as well from the current VI to VIII.

It was also decided that languages listed in schedule VIII of the Constitution should be taught under the ‘Three language formula’, and purely foreign languages should be taught as a fourth language as an elective subject.

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