Outsourcing will come with a price warns Trump

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President elect Donald Trump warns that if companies are outsourcing jobs abroad than they should be ready to pay its price. Trump will take office on 20 January 2017 and did not mention what price or consequences would it be but have said earlier that he would put up a 35 percent import tariff on companies who move there jobs abroad.

Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Trump had earlier said H-1B, whatever it is, I use it but I don’t like it. I want to scrap all H-1B visas.

India’s software services accounted for $82 billion-worth of exports in the financial year ending in March 2015, so if the US withdrew the outsourcing, the Indian economy would suffer. Google, FB, Linkedn, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture have large part of the IT employees Indians. About 2 million people working as IT employees are Indians, and stopping outsourcing means less Indians coming to Unites States.

So no more Satya Nadella’s (current CEO Microsoft), Sundar Pichai’s (current CEO Google) and Shantanu Narayen (current CEO Adobe) for the US. Not only IT a number of other companies of Technology, Colas, Agriculture, Automobiles, Equipments, Finance and Banking are adopting outsourcing strategies to help control costs, stay ahead of competition, and offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality, like Ford Motor Company (FMC), CISCO, American Express (Amex), General Electronics (GE), Amway, General Motors, McDonalds, Kodak, Whirlpool.

Lets see if this would make what Trump have promised American “He would make America great again”.