Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach, Gokarna
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Om beach is a remote beach in the small temple town of Gokarna a city located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The reason why it’s called Om Beach is that it is naturally shaped like the auspicious ॐ Om symbol. Om Beach is shaped like the Sanskrit syllable, its two golden coves fringed by the teal glimmer of the Arabian Sea.

It is a nice 6 km drive over the hills with splendid views from Gokarna town to Om beach. Gokarna is known for its beautiful beaches and its array of coconut trees and banana trees, a beautiful sunset, clean sands with the picturesque blue sea makes it a perfect place for a seaside vacation.

The name of Go (cow) karnam (ear) = Gokarna is named after the Paramesvara who came out of that goose. Gokarna or Cow’s ear is a place of Hindu pilgrimage. The reigning deity is Shiva as Atmalinga. Om Beach is about 10kms away.

Om Beach

Gokarna is not just the place for sightseeing, but it also enables you to steal a self-indulgent moment for yourself as well. Apart from being a pilgrimage center, Gokarna also boasts of secluded and pristine beaches that offer some of the best scenic views in Karnataka. Gokarna has five beaches and the most illustrious is OM beach.

Om beach is a white sandy beach adjoining the rocket terrain, features stunning rock creations where its outline is clearly visible in the OM shape. The beach is one of the pristine and happening beaches in Gokarna for the plethora of water sports and activities that people cherish here. From the bumpy banana ride to the speedy jet ski ride, from beachside trekking on the hilly terrain to spotting Dolphin in the middle of the sea; OM beach is spot on.

Om Beach
Om Beach

Its scenic beauty, water, white sand, cleanliness, calmness and rocky mountains in the sea attracts the tourists deeply. It is widely spread and one can go for trekking and camping at the corner of the beach. The various sports and entertainment activities keep the people engaged here on the beach. The beach is perfect to indulge in parasailing, and other adventure sports to chill the vacation time. The beach can be enjoyed between the two coves that make the shape of OM and is loaded with shacks, huts, and cafes for a lazy vacation. Enjoy the crystal clear water, the golden velvety sands and the cool breeze coming from the forests.

Om beach is just like Goa with a large number of foreign tourists and undulating hills all around. Other beaches in the area include the Kudlu beach, Paradise Beach and the Half Moon Beach.  From Om beach, one can easily trek to other beaches of ‘Half-moon’ and ‘Paradise’ which are nearby. The two beaches can also be reached through local boats where you can find some most breath-taking sceneries all around the way.

The beach scene here is developing in a more controlled manner, unlike Goa, with good food and budget places to stay where predominantly foreign tourists stay, with Indian tourists coming as largely day visitors. As a bonus one can explore the Gokarna town as well, which has a vibrant Hindu religious and cultural scene with good but inexpensive options for staying. The Gokarna town itself has a wide busy beach with a lot of Indian tourists visiting.

Sunset at Om Beach
Sunset at Om Beach

How to Reach Om Beach, Gokarna:

By Air: The Airport nearest to Gokarna is Mangalore International airport. You can hire a taxi or take a train to reach Gokarna than  Om Beach by taxi, autorickshaw or bus.

By Train: Gokarna is a stop for trains from Mumbai or Goa to Mangalore so you can get down this stop at Gokarna and hire an autorickshaw or even cabs or private buses to reach the Om Beach.

By Road: Gokarna is 59 km from Karwar, 238km from Mangalore and 483 km from Bangalore. Road connectivity is excellent you can hire a taxi, or go by car or bus via NH17 to reach Gokarna. Om beach is around 6.5 km from the city of Gokarna.

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