National Technology Day

National Technology Day

National technology day is observed on May 11 to mark India’s technological advancements. On this day India successfully tested Shakti-I nuclear missile at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in Operation Shakti or Pokhran-II in Rajasthan.

Operation Shakti or Pokhran-II was a series of five nuclear tests conducted by India at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range. After this successful test, the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced to celebrate National Technology Day on 11 May.

On May 11, 1998, India successfully tested Shakti-I nuclear missile under the operation named Shakti or Pokhran-II led by late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. With this, India became the sixth country to be included in the list of nuclear weapons countries.

Along with nuclear testing in India, the first indigenous aircraft was also tested on 11 May 1998 in Bangalore, which people call ‘Hansa 3‘. It was a two-seater aircraft that was used for training.

Developed by the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), a Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) lab, the Hansa-3 was a light two-seater general aviation plane used in flying institutes for pilot training, sports, surveillance, aerial photography, and environment-related projects. This domestically prepared aircraft Hans-3 also flew in Bangalore on 11 May 1998.

On this day, Trishul, India’s most powerful missile of that time, was also tested. A short-range, quick-reaction, surface-to-air (SAM) missile, Trishul was a part of India’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme – a Ministry of Defence initiative that has resulted in the creation of the Agni, Prithvi, and Akash missile systems.

India celebrates this day every year to promote the development of India’s technological capability in institutions related to national technology. Every year on 11 May, the Technology Development Board honors various individuals for their significant contributions to technology.

Every year, the Indian government sets a National Technology Day theme to unite and share all the technology day celebrations. “From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate.” is the National Technology Day 2024 theme. On this day, the nation proudly remembers the achievements of its scientists. On this day, scientists are also awarded for their outstanding work. The award was instituted in 1999 by the Technology Development Board. Under this, 10 lakh rupees and trophy are also awarded.

Important facts about National Technology Day

– On 11 May 1998, the first domestically designed aircraft ‘Hans-3‘ was tested from Bangalore.

– India also successfully test-fired the Trishul missile on the same day.

Operation Shakti (Pokhran-II) was also tested on 11 May 1998.

At that time very few countries have nuclear power and after this test, India became the sixth country to join the nuclear club.

– Every year, on this day, the Technology Development Board (TDB) India awards national awards to various individuals for their contribution to indigenous technology.

Therefore, we can say that this day brings glory to the importance of science in our life day by day and also motivates us to adopt science as a field of career.

How is National Technology Day celebrated?

– Various programs are organized by the Department of Science and Technology. In which ideas of new technologies are welcomed for the progress of the country.

– The awards are also distributed by the Ministry of Science and Technology on this day. This award is given to those scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of technology.

– On this day in almost all technical colleges in India are conducted many programs. In which students tell about this day by presentation, project, etc.

– Competitions are held in colleges.

– Media also shows the important programs taking place on National Technology Day across the country so that their importance can be known.

– In many institutions, script, speech, or essay competitions are organized according to the theme.

Through the programs of National Technology Day, the benefits of science and technology are told, which leads the whole nation to progress in a little. Without technology, it is impossible to imagine our future. But for this, we also need balance and awareness. Hence National Technology Day is celebrated.

National Technology Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of science and groundbreaking achievements. It also marks the scientist and engineers’ valuable contribution in the field of science and technology. This day also encourages new youngsters towards science and makes technology filed as a career option.

The celebration of Technology Day symbolizes India’s quest for scientific inquiry, technological creativity & innovations, and the integration of these developments into national socio-economic benefits and global presence.

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