World Sports Journalists Day – 2nd July

World Sports Journalists Day – 2nd July

World Sports Journalists Day is observed annually on July 2nd, with an aim at encouraging sports journalists to strive for excellence in their work and to set an example to the world – not only to the world of sport but to the world at large.

It was established by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) in 1994 to mark the 70th anniversary of its foundation. AIPS was founded on July 2, 1924, during the Summer Olympics in Paris. It emphasized strengthening the companionship, bonding, and liking and disliking between sports journalists all over the globe.

Sports are one of the brightest parts of our life and a symbol of constant movement and aspiration to new peaks. For many centuries sport has united not only individuals and cities but also states and even continents. Wars stopped when the Olympic Games started and resumed when they stopped.

Football, boxing, or figure skating would not be so exciting if sports journalists had not come up with their comments. This holiday has been celebrated in 130 countries since 1995 on the initiative of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS). Sports journalism has flourished as different kinds of sports activities all over the world have taken a new shape in terms of power, wealth, and influence.

The first sports magazine Shevardeni (Falcon) came out in Georgia in 1918. It was published by sports society Shevardeni. In 1934 the sports paper First Athlete came out which was renamed Lelo in 1949 and has been coming out under the same title up to the present. Currently, several sports magazines and newspapers come out nationwide. Sports events are being covered by TV companies and sports websites. It is due to Sports Journalists that millions of fans receive information and form opinions about the teams and players of each sport they support.

The occasion is celebrated to urge members of the sporting media to strive for excellence in their professional work. One should grab hold of every opportunity to use sport as a vehicle for world peace, and to be the fair and impartial goal. A journalist can add value not only to the world of sport, but to the world at large – to culture, to peace, and to good values.

Sports bring happiness to a lot of people and sportswriters bring sports to those people. Wish you a very happy World Sports Journalists Day.

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