National Gardening Day – April 14

National Gardening Day – April 14

National Gardening Day is observed on the 14th of April annually to promote and celebrate gardening as a leisure activity. The day is a great opportunity to get out into your garden and tend to it, along with enjoying your garden’s peacefulness and beauty. It is held at the height of the spring which is the perfect day to start growing your flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruits which will be consumed in the summer.

Growing a garden can provide a fresh source of fruit and vegetables — avoiding part of a trip to the grocery store, and making the outside of your home look nicer with flowers and houseplants. Get out in the yard, plant seeds and allow Mother Nature to work!

It encourages gardeners to go outside and start their homegrown bounty since it’s National Gardening Day. Pick up a shovel and some seeds, and add a little bit each day and benefit from time spent in the garden that provides physical activity and an opportunity to join with nature.


It is an event that was established in 2018 by a publisher of gardening books called Cool Springs Press out of an attempt to encourage more people to take up gardening, educating them on what gardening entails as well as the different plants that can be planted in the different planting seasons.

Gardening Tips

​1. Plan your garden carefully

You don’t need to have an acre to grow a lot of food for a family. You can use raised beds so that you can choose their height. In choosing the height, she recommends carefully considering the healthiest position for you to be in while you work. A gardener who has heart or lung problems may do better sitting on a stool or garden scooter, while a person with arthritic joints may be more comfortable standing.

2. Find the right tools

Gardening tool manufacturers offer scores of different implements that are designed to overcome various physical limitations, from tools with curved grips to reduce hand and wrist strain to those with long handles to extend your reach if you’re gardening from a standing or seated position. Before buying a tool, take it out of the packing and hold it in your hand to see whether it’s comfortable for you.

3. Treat gardening like it’s a workout

​If you don’t like going to a gym or pool, gardening can be a good way to get some exercise outdoors. But it’s sufficiently strenuous that you need to be careful to avoid overuse injuries and overexertion.

4. Eliminate safety hazards​

Make sure you have handrails or eliminate the stairs and put in a ramp to make everything in the garden safe so that you dont fall. It’s also good to keep your phone in your back pocket, in case you do take a fall or your back suddenly stiffens up and you need assistance.

Wearing a carpenter’s apron with plenty of pockets for stashing your gardening tools, so that you don’t lose your balance and fall while picking them up.​

​5. Choose the right things to grow​

While you can have fun growing flowers and shrubs, cultivating healthy vegetables and fruit is a way to improve your diet and maybe even save a few bucks at the grocery store.

The important thing, though, is to get out in the backyard and enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

Benefits of Gardening

There are numerous things that you can benefit from gardening which include:

1. It Allows You To Physical Exercise

One of the benefits of participating in this event is that it gives you the chance to physically exercise yourself through gardening.

Gardening comes with a whole lot of activities such as clearing, planting, weeding, applying fertilizers, watering, and controlling pests and diseases.

All these activities require a lot of stress and exercise.

It’s also a stress-relieving workout that helps mental health.

2. It’s Good For The Soul

Staying outside in the garden helps to relieve our soul.

So we must take good care of our gardens, plants, flowers, fruits as well the vegetables that are being planted.

Also, it will be heaven for wildlife to roam about and there is nothing to taking a deep breath than to wake up every morning just to behold the sight of the garden and the fragrance of the flowers.

3. It Creates A Sociable Space

Engaging in National Gardening Day brings about sociality.

It is an avenue to meet, hang out and interact with family, friends as well as other gardeners who are experts in the field of gardening.

You get to share knowledge, ideas, and suggestions about how best to make your garden look great during and after the event.

4. Peace Of Mind

There is nothing so good and tasteful than having to enjoy the tomatoes that you grew all yourself in your garden.

There is also an exceptional joy and happiness that it brings knowing that no chemicals were used to produce the fruits, vegetables, seeds, and herbs that you eat.

Beautification isn’t the only benefit of cultivating a garden. We enjoy being physically active and feeling the soil sift through our fingers. We all loved the smell of the flowers and gained a sense of peace. This is the look of pride and the symbiotic relationship with gardening that our ancestors experienced. Gardening can be great for the soul!

Join the celebration with other gardeners on April 14 and plant something new in your garden to bring out the natural beauty of your landscape.

Gather up your tools and get dirty for National Gardening Day!

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