How to Play Game Aviator Online in India

How to Play Game Aviator Online in India

From the beginning, the Aviator game online was the most common and no one imagined that it would become so popular. Previously, it stood in the Instant Betting genre. But time passed and the game began to gain momentum and today is already included in the “Classics” section. The goal of the program is for the plane to take off on the playing field. And along with it as it flies, the coefficients on the game screen constantly increase. Before the start of the flight, all players make bets. Next, they watch the growth of the odds, having the disposition to cash out their wins at all times. But, if the player does not do this in a synchronized manner and the airplane breaks down, the bid will be forfeit. The aircraft can crumble at any time, even at the start and it is beyond prediction. Each round is held in late mode. All rounds are in LIVE mode. At any time you can review the previous flight statistics and bets of other members. The clear advantages are below:

  • Simplicity and speed;
  • Proven fairness;
  • Availability of a demo mode;
  • Availability of winning strategies;
  • The ability to communicate in chat.

Also remember that the game is available on any device and with any operating system, which is very important. As many other competitors cannot boast of this.

Main Aviator Game Features

Before you start playing Aviator, you’ll need some basic information. For your attention below is the most up-to-date data in the table, here it is:

DeveloperSpribe OR, Tallinn, Estonia, USA
Launch year January 2019
Minimum bet, INR8,9
CurrencyINR, USD, EUR and others

This is also important information that you will definitely need, especially if you are a new player. Read on for equally important details.

Where to play Aviator?

Below you will find information from the top betting companies. Where you shall be happy to play the game. They are also the safest and most reliable gambling partners. They are trusted by millions of players around the world, including in India. 


There is an opportunity to play using an app that is suitable for both Windows, Android and iOS. A good variety of deposit methods for Indians is noted. And also the site is available in Hindi. Gambler in the first place thanks to the following bonus: +500% on the first deposit, but not more than INR 75000.


Has such distinctive features, as well as the first supports the Hindi language. Which is very convenient especially for Indian players. Also noted that this is one of the highest withdrawal limits. And in the arsenal is quite a wide range of payment methods. Also there is a good bonus INR 25000 and plus 250 free spins on your first deposit.


It should be noted that first and foremost here, sports betting is focused on India. There are deposit methods such as Paytm, TelephonePe and UPI. It is also mostly fast withdrawal of winnings. Which will save you a lot of time and nerves. The site is also available in Hindi. And the welcome package is as much as 700% up to INR 90000.


The office has incredibly good and fast payouts. That’s why the site is at the top. It also has some of the highest competitive betting odds. And there is one additional, but for many experienced players a very important point – it is betting on the course of the game. This kind of action has a very good payout, which is why it is so popular. 


In order for gaming to be considered legal in India, there are a certain number of rules, here are some of them:

  • The management company of the casino must be located outside of India;
  • The office must have an online gambling license;
  • And the casino must accept Indian rupees for betting.

In the top above, all of the dealers definitely meet these criteria. So you can use them or you may find any other casino that is right for you. But in order not to lose this information, be sure to save the site in your bookmarks. 

Demo version

In the game Aviator there is an incredibly relevant option for beginners. If you have never played this software in the past and currently want to try it out for functionality and payoff, but you do not want to risk your own and real money. You can try such a great opportunity to understand and appreciate the game personally. Here you may get a closer look at the functionality of the slot and try out new strategies. But in general, this mode will be useful not only for beginners but also for experienced players. 

The Top Most Effective Moves

There are, unfortunately, no tricks that will guarantee you a 100% win. But there are some very powerful and practically tested ones. They have been weeded out thanks to many experienced players who are steadily earning real money. And so the most successful and effective strategies, read below:

  • Small Multipliers. Until you figure out how the game works, it’s best to aim for small multipliers and winnings at 1.2-1.4, because getting 5x is very risky;
  • incremental. You can start with a small bet size. And then gradually increase it until you get the winnings and come out in the plus. But there is a risk of losing everything because of one bad bet;
  • Enter statistics. In any case, look at your odds history, if you trust the question of probability, the chances that you will win are very high.

And always remember that luck is the main and decisive factor for winning at Aviator. And in any such games, it all depends on your own choices here. So if you are a beginner, it is better to trust experienced players and listen to the strategies above. In any case, if you use it, you’ll definitely increase your chance of making real money several times over.

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