Nagarjunasagar – Srisailam Sanctuary

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Nagarjunasagar - Srisailam Sanctuary Tiger reserve
Nagarjunasagar - Srisailam Sanctuary Tiger reserve

The largest of India’s Tiger Reserves, the Nagarjunasagar -Snsailam Sanctuary (3568 sq. km.), lies in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The terrain is rugged and winding gorges slice through the Mallamalai hills. Adjoining the reserve is the large reservoir of the Nagarjunasagar Dam on the River Krishna.

The dry deciduous forests with scrub and bamboo thickets provide shelter to a range of animals from the tiger and leopard at the top of the food chain, to deer, sloth bear, hyena, jungle cat, palm civet, bonnet macaque, and pangolin. In this unspoiled jungle, the tiger is truly nocturnal and is rarely seen.

The fauna includes langur, macaque, tiger, jackal, Bengal fox, leopard, jungle cat, wild dog, wolf, sloth bear, otter, striped hyena, wild boar, muntjac, sambar, spotted deer, flying squirrel, etc. The sanctuary has more than 150 species of birds including Grey-horn bill and pea foul. The reptile s include soft-shelled turtles, monitor lizard, python, and marsh crocodile.

Guesthouses and cottages are available near the temples within the sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

October to June.

Nearest Town

Macheria (29 km)How to Get Here

Air: Hyderabad (150 km)

Rail: Hyderabad (150 km)