Must-Have Packing List For India Visit

Must-Have Packing List For India Visit
Visiting india

India is a pretty conservative country. Most of it is Hindu and the women predominately wear the Sari, or a Salwar Kameez (long tunic over loose trousers and a neck scarf). That being said, they are a very forgiving country when it comes to foreigners poorly practicing their customs and tends to just laugh off any fouls you may inadvertently make.

Travel Insurance

In India, you need to expect the unexpected, travel insurance company gives you peace of mind.

Passport Pouch

Concealed passport pouch, to secure your passport, cash, traveler’s checks, and plane tickets. You can keep your money and credit cards in this pouch under your shirt secure.


India is not a country where you can get a visa upon landing in the country. Get it ahead of time. This must be arranged in advance from the Indian embassy

Swiss Army Knife

For cutting fruit and a million other uses.

Personal Water Filter

Generally only drink bottled water while traveling in India but occasionally it’s not available, so it is a great idea to carry a filter with you.

Charcoal tablets

They’re an incredibly effective way of stopping diarrhea and preventing dysentery (Delhi Belly).

Female Urination Device

India is a place with limited toilets and when you do find a toilet they are often absolutely disgusting.

Travel Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is still mostly unused in India. Only the more expensive hotels carry it. When you’re out and about you will be hard-pressed to find a place that has any at all.

Bug repellent / Mosquito Net

Many guesthouses supply mosquito nets, most have holes in them or are a little worse for wear.  Mosquito repellent doesn’t do the trick and there is nothing you can do but suffer. A Mosquito net is an essential item for future India visits.

Electric Plug Converter

India has different outlets and voltage so this is critical if you are taking electronic devices. You will need the plug converter to charge cameras and phones.  Since there are so many power outages and surges in India be careful to keep your electronics charged.


Lock our packs together on the train or bus and lock if we have to leave our bags at a guesthouse for a few days to go on a trek. Have at least one combination cable-lock per bag that you bring. When out of your hotel room or visiting the ladies’ room in a train station or airport, you will want to lock your bags to the nearest heavy object for safety.


Crucial in a country like India where we have frequent power outages.


India is a loud country, so you probably need it on the go.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil also clears the sinuses, soothes aching muscles and a few drops in some water can calm an upset stomach. Peppermint oil will be packed in our backpacks on our next trip abroad.

Dust Masks

Pollution in India is extremely bad, especially in big cities. If you’re driving in an open-air auto rickshaw then you’re likely to get asphyxiated by the fumes and smog.

Guide Book

Often times the Internet is not available in India and this book replaces the need for looking up hotels online and finding your next stop.

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