Mohini Ekadashi Fast

Mohini Ekadashi Fast

Mohini Ekadashi falls on Shukla Paksha of Vaisakha month (April – May). This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu when people keep Ekadashi fast (Vrat) to get rid of all sins that have been accumulated due to previous births.

One earns peace, honor, divine pleasure of God, and Moksha after performing Mohini Ekadashi fast.

In 2022 Mohini Ekadashi falls on May 12th.

The importance of this Vrat was described by Lord Krishna to Yudhisthir when Yudhishthir questioned the most important Ekadashi.

It is said that Lord Vashishta advised Lord Ram to observe Mohini Ekadashi get over the remorse and distress caused by the separation from Mata Sita.

Mohini Ekadashi Vrat Katha

On the banks of the Sarasvati River, there was once a beautiful city named Bhadravati, which was ruled by King Dyutiman. Ram, that steadfast, truthful, and highly intelligent king was born in the dynasty of the moon. In his kingdom was a merchant named Dhanapal, who possessed a great wealth of food grains and money. He was also very pious. Dhanapal arranged for lakes to be dug, sacrificial arenas to be erected and beautiful gardens to be cultivated for the benefit of all the citizens of Bhadravati. He was an excellent devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu and had five sons: Sumana, Dyutiman, Medhavi, Sukrti, and Dhrstabuddhi.

Unfortunately, his son Dhrstabuddhi always engaged in greatly sinful activities, such as sleeping with prostitutes and associating with degraded persons. He enjoyed illicit sex, gambling, and many other varieties of sense gratification. He disrespected the Devs; Brahmins; forefathers and other elders; and his family’s guests. The evil-hearted Dhrstabuddhi spent his father’s wealth indiscriminately, always feasting on untouchable foods and drinking wine.

One day Dhanapal kicked Dhrstabuddhi out of the house after he saw him walking along the road arm-in-arm with a prostitute. From then on all Dhrstabuddhi’s relatives were highly critical of him and distanced themselves from him. After he had sold his ornaments and become destitute, the prostitutes also abandoned him and insulted him because of his poverty.

Dhrstabuddhi was now full of anxiety and hungry. He thought about what I should do. Where should I go? How can I maintain myself? He then began to steal. The king’s constables arrested him, but when they learned that his father was the famous Dhanapal, they released him. He was caught and released many times. At last, the ill-mannered Dhrstabuddhi was apprehended, handcuffed, and then beaten. After whipping him, the king’s marshals warned him, 0 evil one! There is no place for you here. However, Dhrstabuddhi was freed from his tribulation by his father and immediately thereafter entered the dense forest. He wandered here and there, hungry and thirsty and suffering greatly. Eventually, he began killing lions, deer, bears, and wolves for food. Always ready in his hand was his bow, always on his shoulder his quiver full of sharp arrows. He also killed many birds, such as cakoras, peacocks, kankas, doves, and pigeons. He unhesitatingly slaughtered many species of birds and animals, and thus his sins mounted day by day. On account of his previous sins, he was now immersed in an ocean of great sin.

Dhrstabuddhi was always miserable and anxious, but one day, during the month of Vaisakh, by the force of some of his past merit� he had a chance to pass by the sacred ashram of Kaundinya Muni. The great sage had just finished bathing in the Ganges River, and water was dripping from him. Dhrstabuddhi had the great good fortune to touch some of those drops falling from the sage’s clothes. Instantly Dhrstabuddhi was freed of ignorance and his sinful actions were reduced. His inner conscious awakened then he offered his humble obeisances to Kaundinya Muni, Dhrstabuddhi prayed to him with joined palms: �0 great Brahmin, please describe some kind of punishment I may perform without too much endeavor. I have committed so many sins in my life, and these have now made me very poor.

The great Rishi replied, o son, listen with great attention, for by hearing me you will become free of all your remaining sins. In Vaisakh Sukla paksha, there occurs the sacred Mohini Ekadashi, which has the power to nullify sins as vast and weighty as Mount Sumeru. If you follow my advice and faithfully observe a fast on this Ekadashi, which is so dear to Bhagwan Shri Hari, you will be freed from all the sinful reactions of many, many births.

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