Mining baron Janardhana Reddy accused of money laundering

Mining baron Janardhana Reddy accused of money laundering
Reddy Daughter wedding

Janardhana Reddy a former Karnataka minister and mining baron had recently held a big fat Indian wedding of his daughter last month. He had spent about 500 Crore at the wedding and that too when India is under cash crunch.

He was a minister in BJP, CM B. S. Yeddyurappa government but was removed from the ministerial position after he was found guilty in the mining scandal.

Later he joined up with B. Sriramulu to form the BSR Congress party. In July 2011 he was accused of completely rigging the iron ore mining in this area and defrauding the government. Janardhana Reddy was arrested by CBI and accused of being involved in illegal mining of iron ore in Bellary in Karnataka and Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

Recently Reddy was in news for lavish spendings in his daughter’s wedding which was held in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. There were 50,000 guests at the wedding reception and is said to be an internationally-headlined wedding last month.

Tax officials have already asked Mr. Reddy to explain how he made payments at the wedding. But now fresh trouble has brought him back to the headlines, his driver KC Ramesh has committed suicide and according to his suicide note he helped Mr. Reddy in his money laundering, he knew how Mr. Reddy had converted his black money into white. He has written that Reddy paid 20 percent commission to the Karnataka Administrative Service officer. He alleged in his note that he received constant death threats, because of which he was committing suicide.

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