March Is National Craft Month

March Is National Craft Month

National Craft Month is in March, for all you craft enthusiasts out there, it’s time to pay homage to your hobby by sprucing up your craft room or space. It is about celebrating all things crafts! From paper crafts to painting cabinet doors, making signs, and more! Crafting is the perfect way to relax, explore, and spend time with family and friends.

Originally this day was created by the Craft and Hobby Association in 1994 to help people reconnect with their creative side, but we also see it as a chance to start something new and push outside of your comfort zone. Now is the time to start that project you’ve been putting off or learn a new skill in the wonderful world of sewing and crafting. The term ‘crafting’ became commonplace amongst scrapbookers in the 1800s, and since then, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon that most women and children alike can’t deny. Perhaps you will discover a new passion or develop a new hobby this month. The sky is the limit!

Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

Celebrate National Craft Month with various craft activities. Come with your creativity and artistic imaginations. What better way to spend National Craft Month than by participating in some fun, easy, and simple craft ideas with the kids?


Creating a scrapbook of your favorite memories expels some creative energy while preserving photos for the future. Use your scrapbooks to relive vacation fun, reminisce about your growing children, or recall the good times you’ve shared with family and friends.

Handmade beauty products

Making your own bar soap, facial scrub, lip balm, and bath bombs can leave you marveling at your crafting skills every time you get ready for the day. Besides, what other craft comes close to an at-home spa day? Search for recipes on social sites like Pinterest and get the girls together for a fun make-and-take!

DIY instruments to hear

Making a band in a box is a great way to combine two childhood favorites – doing crafts and making noise! Clean and decorate an empty oatmeal container for a kid-sized drum. Make maracas by filling an empty plastic egg with dry rice, attaching plastic spoons for handles, and covering it all with paper-mâché.


You may associate knitting with the cozy hats and scarves you bundle up in during the cold winter months, but don’t stash away the needles and yarn just yet!

Edible crafts!

Not too handy with knitting needles or paintbrushes? Turn your crafting to the kitchen instead! Start simple (think apple slice “boats” topped with cheese “sails”) or go big with intricately decorated cookies to share with family and friends.

Top 5 benefits that crafting can bring to you!

1. Stress Relief

They say that learning a craft offers many benefits. Expressing one’s creativity provides stress relief and can lower blood pressure, much like meditation. We can all use a little less stress in our lives right now!

2. Positivity

There is also the natural positive reinforcement that you get from learning a new skill. With each new step learned, the satisfaction from gaining the ability is rewarding.

3. Coordination

Most crafts require fine motor skills. This helps us to stay sharp as we age. Also, teachers try to plan their art projects for all ages to incorporate fine motor skills practice. Especially for those little ones!

4. Social Event

Crafting with a group becomes a social event. You can gather with friends and complete a larger project or even several smaller ones together.

5. Giving

Making items for charity, such as donating coasters as a raffle item for a non-profit fundraiser or making blankets for supporting a local organization with an auction item makes all of your efforts that much more valuable!

When creativity becomes stress relieving and generous, it fills the soul.

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