Living in Australia – The Lucky Country

Living in Australia – The Lucky Country

The Lucky Country

Australia is often referred to as “The Lucky Country“. Its spacious surroundings, high standard of living, excellent health and education systems, temperate climate, wide and varied landscape, political and economic stability, and general quality of life are envied around the world.

The appeal of Australia is evident in a large number of people who migrate under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The 2010–11 migration program was set at 168,700 places—an overall total that was unchanged from 2009–10. Within this total, the skill stream was allocated 113 850 places to address current and emerging skill shortages in critical occupations and regions.

The family stream was set at 54 550 places, recognizing the benefits that accrue when Australians have their parents, partners, carers, or children join them to live in Australia permanently.

General Information – Australia

Australia is a young country renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, favorable climate, and magnificent beaches. It has an amazing variety of landscapes, animals, plants, people, cultures, and lifestyles. Australia enjoys a variety of climate zones so everyone has somewhere they like.

Australia is a land of opportunity. With the growing economies of the Pacific Rim and the natural resources offered by Australia together with a highly skilled workforce, it provides a dynamic and growing business structure.

Rightly very proud of its health, education, and welfare systems with a low crime rate Australia offers a safe and secure environment.

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