Uniform System of Assessment For Classes VI – IX For CBSE


Class X Board Examination have been compulsory and a revised assessment structure and examination for class X have been put forth from Academic Year 2017-18 by CBSE. This new scheme is said to bring uniformity in the system of assessment and examination for classes IX and X in CBSE schools.

It will boost the confidence in students for preparing for class X board examination when they will join the upper primary stage in class VI.

CBSE have decided to implement the uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue of report cards for classes VI to VIII also in similar pattern.

So scheme for classes VI-VIII has been designed in term assessment basis, with gradual increase in the learning assessment as the students move forward.

This would prepare the students to cover the whole syllabus of the academic year and face the challenge of class X Board examination and will ensure quality of education.

With restoration of class X Board examination, the CBSE will issue the report card for class X based on the Board examination from the Academic year 2017-18.

This scheme of uniform assessment ,examination and the report card will ensure quality of education according to CBSE.