Keratin Shampoos: Do They Work? – Here’s What a Dermatologist Has to Say!

Keratin Shampoos: Do They Work? – Here’s What a Dermatologist Has to Say!

Are you experiencing problems with your hair being dry, lifeless, and frizzy? However, you might blame the absence of keratin for the same thing. The question is, though, what exactly is keratin? Because it is a naturally occurring protein manufactured by the body, it is extremely important to the overall health of the hair but also plays a vital part in this. Keratin is the protein responsible for our hair’s lustrous and vivid appearance. It is found in the quality keratin shampoo for people to take care of their hair. 

Nevertheless, prolonged contact with the sun, heating equipment, cosmetics loaded with chemicals, dangerous UV rays, pollutants, and other environmental elements decrease the keratin in the hair, which in turn causes your locks to become dull, dry, & broken.

Know how keratin shampoo works and its benefits.

What is Keratin?

The protein known as keratin, found in human hair, is made up of 19 amino acids. Cysteine is among these acids, and it deserves to be given more consideration than it already receives. Cysteine is an amino acid that contains a high concentration of sulfur and is critically important to the cohesiveness of the cells that make up the hair. Therefore, keratin constitutes the majority of the structure of your hair. The fact that keratin is accountable for the interior and exterior of the hair will certainly not surprise you. Because of this, keratin is the protein that gives your hair strength and resiliency.

If a portion of the keratin in your hair were to be eliminated, the structure of your hair would become unstable, and your hair would become less strong. The end consequence is hair that is broken and destroyed.

How does it work?

Besides the fact that keratin performs an important function as an external protective protein for such outer layers of your hair strand widely recognized as cuticles, it also appears to work as an internal protein complex that assists in strengthening the internal structure of your hair. This dual role allows keratin to serve a crucial role in your hair’s overall health and integrity.

Loss of keratin is to prolonged sun exposure, radiation damage, excessive use of chemicals, or even other environmental conditions. These can expose the hair’s cortex, causing harm, decreasing your hair follicles and increasing the likelihood of hair breakage with split ends. The overlapping cuticles of your hair are smoothed down and made to appear more shiny and beautiful due to keratin’s ability to operate by levelling off the cuticle layers. You can use keratin shampoo to ensure your hair’s smoothness and growth. 

Repair the Damaged Hair

Keratin Shampoos contain an additional layer of protection and nourishing for the hair, which may be necessary in cases when the hair has been damaged due to chemical processing or product accumulation. Keratin shampoo is especially effective for replenishing the hair during certain times of the year and under certain environmental conditions, whenever the hair is more prone to becoming extremely dry. Whenever you lather into the product, you want to ensure that it gets distributed from the tip to the root. It is common for the more fragile components to be located towards the bottom of the structure; therefore, it is essential to ensure that you do not overlook the components that might require it the most.

  • By providing your hair with an additional burst of moisture consistently, preserving your hair’s health can help avoid damage such as split ends & breakage.
  • If you desire your hair to grow longer, you will find that these benefits of keratin oil are extremely useful. Using this product as a regular component of your shampooing practice will start to give results that you’ll be able to observe and feel within a short amount of time.
  • Keratin treatments that are conducted in salons and are also known as Brazilian keratin treatments are advised for hair types and concerns that involve frizz, damage, and unruliness.
  • The chemical treatment begins only with hair being washed, and then a keratin shampoo is applied to it.
  • Next, the hair is blow-dried to remove any remaining moisture, & lastly, a hair straightener is used on a very high heat setting to lock in the procedure.

Once you have decided to go the route of skilled keratin treatment, there are several safety measures you need to follow.

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Takes of the Smoothness

Maintaining your hairstyle at home with proper hair care is just as important as getting regular treatments at the salon if you want your appearance to last as long as possible. Always safeguard your hair before applying styling products by washing it with a keratin shampoo containing quality keratin oil and utilizing a keratin shampoo containing other protective ingredients. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of time that must pass between more expensive treatments.


In conclusion, it is reasonable to assert that keratin is an essential constituent that stimulates the expansion of hair follicles. Keratin treatments can help you repair damaged tresses and add smoothness to your hair, but using keratin shampoos and masks will allow you always to have healthy and lustrous locks.

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