Kalki Avatar – The Final Maha Avatar

Kalki Avatar – The Final Maha Avatar
Kalki Avatar

Kalki Avatar will be taken in Kali Yuga when the destroyer descends, the apocalypse begins. Kalki is the final incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is predicted to come “like a comet and carry a terrifying sword for bringing about the annihilation of the wicked barbarian men at the end of the Kali-yuga”. Then the gods will restore the earth once again to its former purity.

In Hinduism, Kalki (meaning “eternity” or “mighty warrior“) will be the tenth avatar of the god Vishnu, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga. The Purana scriptures foretell that Kalki will come to rid the world of oppression by unrighteous rulers, he will appear riding a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He will be the harbinger of the end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher into Satya Yuga.

Whenever there is a falling away from the true law [ religion ] and an upsurge of unlawfulness, then I emit myself. I come into being age after age, to protect the virtuous and to destroy evil-doers, to establish a firm basis for the true law.’ – Bhagavad Gita

The Kalki Avatar is the most eagerly awaited one, more so because it will signify the cleansing of the world from all its sorrows that have been accumulated for many millennia. He is to arrive at the end of Kalyug, the dark age, and will mark the beginning of Sat Yuga.

According to calculations, there are still many years left for that to happen (The Kalyug extends for a period of 432000 years, and it has just started – 5000 years ago). When we have such advanced military technology today, it will be interesting to see (though we may not, unless we do not manage to attain salvation by then, and are still caught in the rebirth cycle) what kind of weapons Kalki Avatar utilizes.

There will be no more preaching. As in other incarnations, there is preaching, in Kalki avatar the population of the whole world will be so much reduced to animalism that there will be no more power to understand what is God, or what is spiritualism. And it is already there, the Kali-yuga. It will increase. People will have no power to understand this philosophy, God-consciousness. So at that time, there is no other alternative than to kill them all, and usher in another Satya-yuga, a new era based on truth, righteousness, humanism, and goodness. It is also said that Kalki avatar will come, when all the three rivers Saraswati, Yamuna, and Ganga return to heavens ( dried).

The earliest reference to the Kalki Avatar is found in India’s great epic, the Mahabharat. Rishi Markandeya tells Yudhishtir, the seniormost Pandava, that Kalki will be born to Brahmin parents. He would excel in academics, sports, and warfare, and thus become a very intelligent and powerful young man.

Kalki Puranam tells that he will stay for some time in Simhala Dwipa (Sri Lanka) and then return to India. Very minute details about his wife and children are mentioned. There are portions that have a literal connotation and there are also portions that have a symbolic connotation. The symbolic method was given by God so that the false ones who claim themselves as God will get caught when they try to fit themselves into his role.

This method was reserved for another purpose also. It was done to prevent the Vedas from being destroyed by the atheists. Kalki Puranam also tells about all the deeds that Kalki Maha Avatar will accomplish. They tell us how he will confront ‘Kali Purushan’ directly and annihilate him. They also tell how he will ascend to heaven after his divine purpose is accomplished.

Kalki’s look

Kalki avatar is going to be immaculate and ultimate divine. He will be endowed with divine qualities. He will ride a white horse and will himself be very fair. However, anger will change his color to black. He will wear yellow clothes and on his chest, there will be a symbol of ‘Shrivatsa’. During the battle, he is described as holding two swords in his hands.

Kalki birthplace

Many speculations are made about the birthplace of Kalki, some people tell Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, there is also a village in Uttar Pradesh named Sambhal, which is considered by many to be the birthplace of Kalki. The same thing is said by some people in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, and Himachal to be stable. Strong evidence of this is still not found anywhere. Some people say that Sambhal is in the desert near China, where even life is not possible. Some people also say, Krishna land Vrindavan, Mathura is the only place where their incarnation Kalki will be born.

The astronomical positions of the stars and planets now are not the same as it was in the antediluvian world when the Pole Star was right on top of Mount Meru. Kanchi Peedam asserts this most categorically. As the world is now tilted at an angle of twenty-three and a half degrees the configuration of the stars and planets at the time of the birth of Kalki Maha Avatar will not be the same as stated in the texts when a different configuration was applicable.

Kalki avatar according to Sikhs

Sikh Guru Govind Singh did many big works, he has also explained about the birth of Kalki. Twenty-four incarnations have been told by Govind Singh in the tenth book. He has also been called the incarnation of hundred Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh has also explained some verses of Vishnu Purana, he said that Kalki is an incarnation of Vishnu, who will bring a sword in a white horse in Kali Yuga.

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