International Day of Peace – September 21

International Day of Peace – September 21

The International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, occurs annually on 21 September. It is a global event when individuals, communities, nations, and governments highlight efforts to end the conflict and promote peace. It’s a day to lay down our weapons in every conflict, from full-on wars to personal spats, and promote the ideals of peace, love, and harmony.

How did International Peace Day Start?

The United Nations General Assembly declared, in a resolution in 1981 sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica, the International Day of Peace, to be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace. After which World Peace Day was celebrated for the first time in 1982, with the theme ‘Right to peace of people‘. Starting from the year 1982 and till 2001, the third Tuesday of September is chosen for International Day of Peace or World Peace Day, but from the year 2002, the day of September 21 has been declared as permanent.

Every year a theme is chosen on the occasion of World Peace Day. The theme of world peace in the year 2022 is – “End racism. Build peace.”

The day begins by ringing the UN peace bell at the United Nations Headquarters (New York). The bell is made from coins donated by children from all continents except Africa, which was gifted by the United National Association of Japan. These bells remind us of the value of humans in war. It is written on the side that peace be always in the world

Significance of International Peace Day

Maintaining peace in the whole world is the main goal of the united nation today. United Nations is born only to stop international conflict and develop a culture of peace. It is essential to spread the importance of peace in times of conflict, terror, and unrest. Therefore the United Nations, its various institutions, and governments organize International Peace Day on 21 September every year. To spread the message of peace to every corner of the world, the United Nations has appointed world-renowned personalities from the arts, literature, cinema, music, and the sports world as consoles.

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Bring Peace for Humanity

Today, every person should understand that there is no religion other than service to human welfare. Language, culture, dress may vary but the path of the welfare of the world is the same. A man should never leave the path of love except for hatred and accepting the importance of peace. We can achieve its goals only if you follow them in your life, you can start it from your student life too. Neither should you commit violence with anyone nor should you support a friend who does violence. Friends should be encouraged to maintain peace. Do not keep any discrimination or bitterness in your mind towards caste, religion, only then you will grow up to be called a good citizen of the country.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

India and World Peace

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave five basic mantras to establish peace and peace in the world, which is also called Panchsheel Siddhant. This Panchsutra, also known as Panch Sheel, has five fundamental principles of mutual cooperation in various political, social, and economic countries to establish the ideals of human welfare and world peace. The following five principles are stated under it

1. Respecting each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty

2. Non-aggressive action against each other

3. Non-interference in each other’s internal matters

4. Adhering to the policy of equality and mutual benefit

5. Believing in a policy of peaceful co-existence

It is believed that if the above five points are implemented then there will be peace and peace everywhere.

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White Pigeon the Sign of Peace

The white pigeon is a symbol of peace. In order to commemorate World Peace Day International Peace Day, white pigeons are flown everywhere in the country, which spread the principles of Panch Sheel to the world. The tradition of flying white pigeons on the occasion of World Peace Day is very ancient. There is a poet’s line behind these pigeons flying – “Let us take the message of brotherhood so that no blood is shed in vain.”

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