International Day of Families – May 15

International Day of Families – May 15

Family is the foundation of our society and the most formative years of our lives are spent growing up with our families. Since 1994 International Day of Families is observed on May 15 to celebrate the importance of families, people, cultures, and societies around the world.

In 1993, the General Assembly decided in a resolution (A/RES/47/237) that 15 May of every year should be observed as The International Day of Families. It provides an opportunity to spread awareness about issues related to families and to increase knowledge of economic, demographic, and social processes affecting families.

The theme for International Day of Families 2023 is Demographic Trends and Families”. Urbanization is one of the most important megatrends shaping our world and the life and wellbeing of families worldwide.

What is a family called?

The family is the smallest unit in the human world or even in this society the family is the smallest unit. It is the fundamental unit of social organization that teaches us to live in harmony and make cooperative and cordial relations with each other.

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Every human is or has been a member of some family. Being separated from the family, its existence cannot be thought of. No matter how many changes our culture and civilization accept and refine themselves, the existence of the family institution has not come true. They may be made and broken, but their existence cannot be denied. His nature has changed and his values ​​have changed but his existence cannot be questioned. No matter how much modern ideology we are living in, but in the end, we feel contentment in converting our relationship from marriage institution to family.

History of World Family Day

On 20 September 1993, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution designated A / RES / 47/237 which reiterated the resolution called 44/82 which was passed in December 1989, and 46/92 named resolution passed which passed in December 1991. These were re-designated and passed to encourage better living standards and social progress of families around the world and to demonstrate the determination of the United Nations.

In 1994 the United Nations officially declared the International Day of Families in response to revised economic and social structures that affect the stability and structure of family units in many parts of the world. The day was started in 1993 and serves as an opportunity to work to celebrate the essence of people, societies, cultures, and families around the world. The symbol of International Family Day (Symbol) includes a red image in a green circular figure. This symbol (symbol) consists of a house and a heart. This makes clear the fact that families are the central part of any society and they provide support and stable home for people of all age groups.

Purpose of International Family Day

The purpose of celebrating International Family Day is to raise awareness on such issues that are related to the family. On this day, people pledge to adopt healthy and good habits for their family, except for their harmful habits like smoking.

There are two types of families – a single-family and a joint family. In a single family, parents and children live, while in the joint family, parents and children live together with grandparents and other household members such as uncle-aunt, aunt, etc.

How is International Family Day celebrated?

Internationally, Family Day is celebrated in various ways around the world. Some communities have chosen to commemorate the day by organizing discussions or public exhibitions in line with ideas relevant to the theme set for the year. Other communities celebrate the day by organizing education sessions for youth and children.

Public officials also hold policy meetings to discuss policies that directly affect families. Some people celebrate this day with their family. Although this day is celebrated internationally by various communities and people all over the world, this day has not been declared as a public holiday. Therefore, all government offices are expected to remain open on this day as well as business and postal delivery services.


International Family Day is celebrated every year in India to raise awareness on the issues of various families and to acknowledge the importance of families. The day is celebrated by various organizations in the country where members of the organization as well as their family members attend different events. Different companies organize this day every year to familiarize their employees’ families with the functioning of the company and interact with the rest of the employees.

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Many organizations create a set of photo booths with house pieces and cars and take photographs with them. Many games are organized for adults as well as children to spend the day with their families. Music, dance, etc. are performed live to entertain the families. Guests also gift photo frames at the end of the program to paste their family photos and share their relationships.

Some families celebrate this day by spending time together, cooking good dishes, watching movies, and many other ways.

Tips for celebrating International Family Day in India

Indians learn important topics of cultural life within their family boundaries. The primary units of society in the major parts of the country are broad kinship groups and patriarchal families. Joint families are the most inclined housing unit consisting of three or more generations where all work under the same roof, worship, engage in mutually beneficial economic and social activities.

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Living in the family is a major aspect of Indians, so there is a great need for awareness on various family issues and the importance of families. International Family Days provide a very good platform to increase understanding of the economic, demographic, and social processes affecting families.

Here are some ways to celebrate this day in India –

  • On this occasion, people should spend their entire day with the family. You can play family games with the family, talk to each other about what everyone likes, do small fun activities, or watch a big movie with the family and each other Can hear lots of smiley jokes. You can encourage your family members to make short films on important issues surrounding your family and then spend one night sitting and showing them.

  • Photos are a great way to cherish memories forever. You can take photos with family or even create a family album from those photos.

  • Social media is a very good platform to show the importance of families. You can upload family photos to the Internet using #WorldFamilyDay to make others aware of the occasion.

  • Apart from your family, you can also celebrate this day with the people around you. You can organize a street party with a family theme that has lots of sports and other activities that encourage bonding between families.

  • Community groups and organizations can celebrate this day by identifying and reviewing families’ needs, problems, and services. They can collect and sponsor funds for local families in need or community projects involving families and youth.

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