Indian Army Day

Indian Army Day
Indian Army Day

Indian Army Day is celebrated on 15th January every year to honor the brave soldiers of the Indian Army who risked their lives to guard our country. The day recognizes the transfer of power from the British commander to independent India’s first commander-in-chief.

On the occasion of Army Day, the soldiers of the Indian Army display their own strength, take part in the parade and take out various tableaux. The celebration is carried out at all Army Command headquarters in the country, along with a celebration in Delhi the national capital. With this, we remember with great reverence the day when the command of the army first came into the hands of an Indian.

Let us know when, why, and how Army Day is celebrated in India. Apart from this, we will also give information about interesting facts about the Indian Army.

When and why is Army Day celebrated?

In India, Army Day is celebrated every year on 15 January with full enthusiasm. On 15 January 1949, Lieutenant General (later Field Marshal) KM Cariappa commanded the Indian Army as the Indian Commanding in Chief of the Indian Army.

He was the first General of the Indian Army to take over from the last British Commander in Chief, General Sir Francis Butcher, and thus Lieutenant Cariappa became the first Army Chief of democratic India.

Therefore, to honor him, January 15 was started to be made as Army Day. On this day, brave, courageous, fearless, and courageous brave soldiers of India both living and those who lost their lives for the country are remembered and honored by paying them tribute. And the brave Indian soldiers are also honored for their outstanding performance.

As a true patriot, the soldiers of the Indian Army are always ready to serve the country, along with this, they are always ready to fight during the situation of natural disaster in the country or to get out of any kind of crisis in the country. Remain ready and show your indomitable courage.

Apart from this, for the safety of the country and the countrymen, the soldiers of the Indian Army also face very challenging situations with full courage and for this, the brave sons of India do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives. On January 15, people pay homage to such martyrs of India in their own way and remember their sacrifice.

This is how Army Day is celebrated

The day of India’s glorious tradition begins with Army Day paying homage to the martyrs at the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti‘ at Delhi’s India Gate. Every year on 15 January, on the special occasion of Army Day, the Indian Army shows its stamina and its firepower with full enthusiasm, military parades, procession, aerobatics, and salute to the martyrs takes place.

A huge parade is organized in New Delhi and in all the headquarters of the army, in which a large number of army personnel and officers are involved. Apart from this, military shows are also organized.

On the occasion of Army Day of Indian brave soldiers, various types of tableaux are also taken out by Indian soldiers. State-of-the-art weapons and equipment such as tanks, missiles, armored vehicles, etc. are also displayed during this period.

The main purpose of the parade and display of weapons on Army Day is to make the world realize its power and inspire the youth of the country to join the army.

On this day, remembering the valiant sons of India, the Army Chief also honors the Indian brave soldiers who have dodged the enemies and given a befitting reply by giving them awards and army medals for their indomitable courage. Along with this, the widows of the martyrs who died for the country during this period are also honored with the army medal and other awards.

Army Day is celebrated to commemorate the brave, courageous, and fearless soldiers of India and their sacrifices made for the country.

Though every year Army Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, Army Day celebrated in 2019 was quite special because, on this occasion of Army Day, the First Lady Officer Lieutenant Bhawana Kasturi lead the parade on 15 January.

With this in 2019, it was the first time in the history of 70 years that a woman officer had led the Army Day Parade, before no women have led the parade in celebration of Army Day.

Lieutenant Bhavna Kasturi leads the group of the Indian Army Service Corps. This group has not participated in the parade for the last 23 years but participated in the Army Day Parade held in 2019 for the first time. It had 144 jawans and the soldiers who followed the command of this lady officer during the parade, while Army General Bipin Rawat will accept the salute of all.

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Some interesting and glorious facts of Army – Facts about Indian Army Day

  • The motto of the Indian Army is “Service before Self”

  • Param Vir Chakra is India’s highest gallantry award. Which is given to the soldiers for their bravery, courage, and sacrifice.

  • In 1776, the Indian Army was formed in Kolkata under the Government of the East India Company. At present, the Indian Army has 53 Cantonments and 9 Army Bases across the country.

  • The special thing is that soldiers join the Indian Army of their own free will. Though the Constitution also provides forcible recruitment, it was never needed.

  • The Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield in the world. It is situated at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level. The Indian soldier is considered among the best on high altitudes and mountain warfare.

  • The 1971 Indo-Pakistani War was fought with a surrender of about 93,000 soldiers and officers of the Pakistani Army. This was the largest number of detained war prisoners after the Second World War. Bangladesh was formed only after this war.

  • In August 1982, the Indian Army built the Bailey Bridge in Ladakh, the highest bridge in the world.

  • The Indian Army is one of the biggest contributors to the United Nations peace operations.

The entire nation is thankful and always will be for the true patriotism, honesty, devotion, and sacrifice of the Indian Army. On the occasion of Army Day, Ritiriwaz offers soulful tribute to the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country.

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