How To Worship Lord Hanuman

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Hanuman jayanti
Hanuman jayanti

According to the Hindu calendar, the full moon day of Chaitra month is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti.

Let’s know 10 stories related to Hanuman’s birth and his life.

1- According to beliefs, the place of birth of Hanumanji is believed to be in a cave located in Anjan village of Jharkhand.

2- Anjan is the only temple in the village where Lord Hanuman is seen sitting on the lap of his mother Anjana.

3-According to validation, Pawan Dev entered semen in the womb of Anjana, wife of Vanararaj Kesari. As a result, Shree Hanuman was born from the womb of Mother Anjana.

4- Hanuman ji and Bhima were brothers. Kunti also received Bhima with the blessings of Pawan Dev, due to which both brothers became brothers.

5- In addition to Lord Rama, Hanuman ji was also a great devotee of Mother Jagadamba. In every temple where there is a statue of Mata Jagdamba, there is also a statue of Bajrangi,

6- When Hanuman ji was in his childhood, he was very hungry during that time, then he had taken the sun as a red fruit.

7- Hanumanji had written Ramayana before Valmiki which he later threw into the sea.

8- It is believed that Hanuman is still alive and will remain on this earth till the end of Kali Yuga.

9 – Everyone knows Hanuman ji as Brahmachari but very few people know that he also had a son named Makardhwaj.

10 – Hanuman ji was also married. Actually, when Hanuman ji was getting education from Suryadev, it was necessary to be married in order to attain a discipline. To fulfill this condition, Suryadev married his daughter to Hanumanji.