How To Shop For A Teenager’s Bra

How To Shop For A Teenager’s Bra
Teenage Bra

Shopping for your daughter’s first bra is a tough experience for mothers.  It is good, to begin with, the best bra as it not only gives shape to your daughter’s body but also helps her from a health point of view. Wearing the right bra supports her breast while she is playing and can prevent her from any type of breast tissue injury.

A well-fitted bra should be the priority for teenager’s and for best fitting we first need to know the cup size, it should ensure proper coverage along with the best shaping of the breast.

Finding the correct bra

The first step will be making your daughter understand the basics of finding the correct measurement, her personal choice, don’t make her rush to wear just anything. Let her try different styles and choose from any among them, an improperly fitting bra can also cause muscle pain, back problems, and also headaches, so be careful and let her make her choice.

For an early stage of breast development a sports bra or a training bra fits best, they provide proper support and some modesty while her breast is developing. Let her try the different bras in different sizes and styles as you need to try on lots of bras before finding the perfect fit.

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Band Size

You can measure the band size at home or at a store, you just need the measuring tape. Ask her to fully deflate her chest and measure the chest just below the bust by wrapping a measuring tape around her. Write down the number to the nearest whole number.

Bust Size

Now measure her bust size by putting the measuring tape around her across the nipple that is bust size.

Cup Size

Now you have both a band and bust size just find out the difference between the two.  If the difference is a half-inch larger than her cup size is AA, If the difference is half to one inch larger then she has A- cup.

If the difference is one to two-inch then she has B-cup, while if the difference is between two to three-inch then she has C-cup. A further difference of three to four-inch have D-cup and four to five have DD or E-cup.

1/2 inch = AA Cup
1 inch = A Cup
Two inches = B cup
Three inches= C cup
Four inches= D cup

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Perfect fitting Bra

The perfect well-fitted bra should have the whole breast in each cup without any bulging, or any excess space in the front part of the cups.

The bra should support the breast totally and should remain in place even if the bra strap is slipped off the shoulders, also it should be rest easily on the ribcage while you can easily slip two fingers in it at the back.

If your daughter is high in physical activity then she needs a sports bra but girls who are not into physical activity much can opt for a soft padded bra. If her size doesn’t measure up to standard women’s bra she needs a training bra created especially for teens who need it for their developing breasts.

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