How to Make Your Business a Safer Place to Work

How to Make Your Business a Safer Place to Work

Everybody wants to feel safe at work, and if you are a business owner, you want all of your employees to feel safe and secure while under your roof. You no doubt have put measures into place to ensure that all of the relevant health and safety measures are implemented and maintained – and that any instances of intimidation or bullying are met with zero tolerance.

However, as hard as you try within your own four walls, everyone who comes to your office every day – or as often as their hybrid work arrangement dictates – still has to get from their vehicle or public transport to your door. If you are situated in a less-than-desirable neighborhood or an industrial area that is all but deserted after hours, your employees could feel intimidated, especially after dark.

You could take the position that it is nothing to do with you, but if you think a little deeper, you will see the benefits of having everyone turn up to work happy – and you can help that with just three simple steps.

1. Improved parking lot and outside lighting

Parking lots are often targeted for crime. There are multiple instances of theft from parked cars, like laptops, phones, and other devices. They can also be the location of muggings and sexual assault. By investing in better lighting, criminals will tend to steer clear and find somewhere else to go. If you have a dedicated parking lot for your business, it might also be worth having some sort of protocol in place, using badges or RFID technology, to ensure only your employees gain entry.

You should also ensure the route from the parking lot is well-lit, which will help employees feel safer from attacks and cut down on the number of on-site accidents due to trips and falls.

2. An anti-loitering device

You might have your business located in an area that is a gathering place for the local youths. Alternatively, your business might be the focal point for large groups of people of this age due to what you sell or the hours you open. Either way, you don’t want them hanging around outside because, as well as any potential for vandalism or anti-social behavior, many of your employees and customers could feel intimidated as they pass a large group of loud youths.

Clearly, either you or a security guard speaking to them will not go down well, especially if they don’t feel like they are doing anything wrong, so a sonic solution from a company like could provide the answer. It emits an irritating noise at a frequency only youths can hear, so they are likely to move on and leave you and everyone who works for you in peace.


You can back all of this up with some well-placed CCTV cameras. As with the enhanced lighting, the presence of these can act as a deterrent, and even if the worst does happen, you will have a record of what has occurred as proof for insurance companies and law enforcement. This means that you can’t cut corners and just install dummy ones, as would-be criminals could easily spot these, so you will have wasted your money.

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