How To Care For Your Skin During The Monsoon Season

How To Care For Your Skin During The Monsoon Season

Monsoon is one tricky season. Along with monsoon rain comes severe humidity. In this season we must take extra care of our skin to avoid any infections and breakouts. Our main concern during the monsoon season is to keep our skin away from dampness. This is because damp skin draws fungi and bacteria just like a flame draws a moth. The consequences of bacteria can be rashes and irritation on the skin. Here are some quick tips on how to care for your skin in the monsoon season and keep it looking as healthy as ever.


Be sure to cleanse your face 2-3 times a day. 

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Cleansing is meant to rid the skin of toxins and remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. By cleansing your face 2-3 times a day, you can prevent toxins from clogging your pores. 


Don’t skip the toner.

Rose Water Toner
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Skin toners are meant to rid the skin of leftover oil, unclog pores, and add nutrients to the skin. For toning your skin, try out a non-alcoholic toner to maintain the pH balance of your skin while still achieving a radiating look. It doesn’t have to be a chemical toner. You can also try natural toners like rose water, cucumber water, chamomile tea, and much more. 


Apply sunscreen.

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Even though it’s monsoon and the sun isn’t as bright as before, you shouldn’t leave out sunscreen as a part of your skincare routine. Sunscreen plays an important role in keeping the skin protected from harmful UV rays. Try out sunscreen with high SPF to block out any dangerous UV rays. 


Drink plenty of water.


Hydrating properly has always left good comments on the skin. Drinking lots of water helps us remove toxins from our bodies. And with the monsoon season comes humidity, making us sweat more than normal. Drinking water will help you keep your skin from looking dehydrated and dull. Your skin will look brighter and you can successfully avoid breakouts and acne.


Water-based moisturizers instead of the usual.

Water-based Moisturizer

Instead of using your usual moisturizing creams, try using a water-based one. This will keep your skin’s oil secretion in check.


Avoid heavy makeup.

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Try to avoid using too much makeup. Remember, sometimes it’s okay to go makeup-free or use a limited amount of makeup. Wearing makeup can clog your pores and create breakouts. Especially during the monsoon season, makeup can lead to bacterial infection. If you do wear makeup, be sure to use a skincare routine before going to bed and thoroughly clean your face. 


Exfoliate properly.

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Usually, exfoliating is the last thing in a skincare routine, just before moisturizing. Exfoliators are used to scrub off dead skin and reveal the brighter layer of healthy skin underneath. It can also get rid of germs and bacteria, avoiding unnecessary infections during the season. 


Don’t shower with steaming hot water.

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Showering with steaming hot water during the season can weaken the skin capillaries and cause skin damage.

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