How Donald Trump presidency will effect Indians.

How Donald Trump presidency will effect Indians.

Donald Trump hasn’t exactly laid out a detailed foreign/domestic policy, most of the Indians who live/study in the US are doing it legally, they don’t have anything to worry about.

After George W. Bush (a Republican President) now its Donald Trump to act as Republican president. It will be his ‘Republican’ policies that will help India, historically the Republicans have been more friendly towards India as compared to the Democrats.

Foreign policies do not change all of sudden . There are bunch of think tanks in every country who give direction to president. Trump has proposed to raise minimum wage limits required for H1B Visa. According to Trump, it would make obtaining H1B Visas difficult and force larger companies to hire american citizen over immigrants.

A study of Trump’s policy shows his focus on stopping “exporting” jobs to other countries, and keeping the jobs within the US.

Effects on Immigrants

• Impact the job openings in large IT recruiters like TCS, which do a lot of out-sourcing jobs – thus impacting placements in India, for it is companies like TCS which fuel the placements in most of the colleges.

• High end jobs, like that offered by Google India, etc., would however not be impacted, as these high-end jobs chase talent rather than vice versa.

• H1B visa would become tighter for those working in low end IT companies to get on-site (US) exposure. This however, once again, would not be a case for high-end openings, as Trump has expressed his aim of attracting brains to the US.

Trump’s policy of retaining the jobs within US would help create more openings in the US job market. This would assist those

• Indians who go to the US through the F1 visa (which is the student visa) and then look for a job there.

• Trump is also committed to fast-track the route to permanent residence for highly qualified foreign workers to keep jobs and brains in the US. Making F1 to H1 route easier is a part of this.

• Small businesses would benefit there, for Trump is also looking at tax concessions to promote employment there, thus increasing the chances of part time jobs while Indian students do their MS there.

But it will be difficult for some immigrants

  •  Very difficult for Indians working there in US. He may not send every Indian back home, but one of Trump’s key motive is to give Americans their job in their country and not give Indians and Chinese those jobs, because of which Americans stay unemployed. So less job security and almost very lows scope in future.
  • H1B visa is going to take a hit, along with green card prospective. Students planning to do MS in US should seriously reconsider.

After all Trump did promise that the relationship between the United States and India will be “very special” and “very close,” and that our two countries would be, “best friends – best friends.” so hoping the result to be a positive one.

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