History of famous Manimajra Fort

History of famous Manimajra Fort

The town of Manimajra comes in the district of Ambala district of Punjab. There is not much information about the history of this Manimajra fort, but it is said that after the passing of Sirhind Governor Jinn Khan his kingdom was completely dismantled, he had captured 84 villages and he also went ahead of this fort of Pinjore which he also won.

King of Yehahar Nahan had invaded but failed in that battle. Later, the poor slave handed over the state to his father, and the poor slave went to fight another new battle.

As soon as the poor slave departed from there, the king of Nahan attacked with this fort from Patiala and took possession of the fort himself, and killed Ganga Ram, the father of the poor slave.

After finding all this, the poor slave tried to re-capture the fort but he could not find the fort so easily. But by neglecting all the bets, he attacked the Nahan king of Chandanagar with full force and again captured the fort. And later he only made it the capital of his state.

The poor slave was killed in 1783, he had two boys named Gopal Singh and Prakash Chand. The eldest of them had put me whole-heartedly in the battle of Gorkha in 1809 and 1814.

Sir D. Ochterlony was supposed to give him a new manor but instead, he sought the title of the king’s title and instead he asked for the title, he was also given it. But he passed away in 1816 and after that Hameer Singh ruled but he could not even rule for more years.

His son, Govardhan Singh, was very loyal to the state, in 1845 he gave a troop of troops stationed in Mudki. After his death in 1847, Gurbax ruled, but in 1866 he died.

After that, his younger brother Bhagwan Singh, who was 22 years old, got 77 villages. After being passed by King Lord Singh, the government had taken the fort under their control.

Today the property of this Manimajra Fort is under the control of Mehrwal Khewaji Trust. But there is a case in the court regarding this issue which is the authority on this fort.

Today the fort has become very bad and it is getting worse every day. Now, this fort is used as a plain and used to keep the vehicles. The walls of the fort are also getting worse every day and on the walls, small plants are seen growing.

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