Global Day of Parents – June 1

Global Day of Parents – June 1

June 1st is observed as Global Day of Parents annually, to honor parents throughout the world. This day provides an opportunity to appreciate the selfless commitment of parents in nurturing their children and their lifelong sacrifice done for their children.

The Global Day of Parents was created to celebrate the important role parents play in their children’s lives. On this day, parents around the world are celebrated and honored for the love and care they have provided.


In 1980 the United Nations start focusing on issues related to the family, and to enhance awareness among the public about the problems and needs of the family and effective ways to meet those needs. In the year 1994 United Nations proclaimed it as the International Year of the Family and the 15th of May was decided to be celebrated as the International Day of Families. While in the year 2012 the General Assembly proclaimed 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honor of parents throughout the world.

While parents need to be taken care of and honored every day but this special day is set to thank them for taking care of your life. The Global Day of Parents also gives the message that nurturing and protecting children is the primary responsibility of the family. For a good personality and harmonious development, children need to grow up in an environment of family, happiness, love, and understanding. Families are the center of social life, ensuring the well-being of their members, educating children and young people, and caring for the young and old.

According to the United Nations, specialty family-oriented policies to alleviate poverty and hunger, such as ensuring healthy living for all ages and promoting well-being, ensuring educational opportunities throughout life, and contributing to the achievement of gender equality can do.

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How to celebrate Parents Day

  • Children can spend quality time with their parents, a day when you should remind your parents about your love for them. You can call and visit them.

  • Greet your parents and tell them that they were right in every step of your life. When we were kids we don’t understand what our parents say but when we have our own kids then we come to know that our parents were right.

  • Show your love and care to your parents by planning a vacation for your parents wherever they want to visit.

  • Buy a card or a gift for your Parents or take them out on a lunch or dinner date to tell them how thankful you are for their love and commitment.

  • Have family gatherings and wish your a happy Global Day of Parents and make new family memories. The idea is to really just appreciate those who give so much to the children of the world.

  • Create a family book and arrange all your parent memory in it will be a perfect gift to them on Global Parent day.

  • Support your working parents and use this as an opportunity to meet and gift them to feel special.

  • Host a neighborhood get-together, it a great way not only to show love to your parents but also to other parents. It grants you the opportunity to get together and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

In whole Global Day of Parents is celebrated everywhere, but different countries celebrate on different days. But the main aim behind the celebration is the same and that is to give appreciation, love, care, respect, etc. to the Parent. Think about those who have lost their parents or are parentless. This is the day to provide gestures to your parents for the sacrifices, nurturing, care, emotional strength, etc. given by the parents to us.

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