Giving Birth in the Philippines

Giving Birth in the Philippines

Are you ready to give birth in the Philippines? There are several things that you have to know before you can start delivering your baby now. You may be super excited to see a living human being growing inside your belly. You may also feel a butterfly feeling in your stomach. Everything will seem to be very exciting for you and your husband. It is the best time for you to prepare yourself, your families, and your life to meet your lovely baby. When you still have some time on your side, you need to make use of your time to finalize several things about the delivery date (D-Day).

Sean Martin D. Plantado, head of customer service at, notes that if you want to have a child in the future, it is best to prepare your money now. It’s hard to provide for a child if you don’t have enough money to begin with.

Decisions to Make Before D-Day

How much money do you need to prepare for the delivery date?

This is the first thing that you need to consider, so you can deliver your baby without getting a lot of problems, especially financial issues. You need to prepare your budget for several things, including the pregnancy check up price, room rate, doctor fee, medical treatments, etc. You still have some time to prepare your budget, so you don’t need to take a loan for delivering your baby. You can compare the delivery package from several hospitals, so you can compare their price.

Where to give birth?

You have a lot of options for where you are going to have your delivery. Most moms are going to opt for the nearest hospital to their home. However, you can also choose to deliver your baby at the lying-in clinic. When you are delivering your baby in this clinic, you will be observed by a licensed obstetrician. If you live in a rural area, you are going to be taken care of by a professional and experienced midwife. You can also have a choice to give birth at home.

Who can be in the delivery room beside you?

Before you reach your delivery date, you need to consult with your doctor or your hospital. The answer to this question really depends on the policy from the clinic or hospital. most hospitals are going to allow your husband to accompany you in the delivery room. However, some other institutions may be strict about who is allowed to enter the delivery room. It is a good idea for you to ask beforehand if you can bring your partner to stay with you when you deliver our baby.

Where will your baby stay immediately after delivery?

This is another important thing that you have to consider before you reach your delivery date. You can have the choice to have your baby “room in” in the same room with you, or you can also visit your baby in the nursery room. Nowadays, most doctors recommend that the baby can sleep with the mother. It will make bonding and feeding easier for both mother and the baby. However, you also need to notice if your baby requires constant attention from the doctors or nurses. When this situation occurs he/she may need to stay in the nursery room.

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Does the baby need a pediatrician?

Even though you haven’t chosen your favorite pediatrician yet, you don’t have to worry. Most hospitals are going to provide you with a professional pediatrician on hand for any baby birth. She will take a look at the vital signs and first measurements for the baby. She will also check to find out if there are any health or development issues. After the initial assessment, you can keep consulting with her to ensure that your baby is healthy. If you have your current pediatrician in mind, you need to tell her to stay in the hospital or clinic where you are going to deliver your baby.

Can I take care of the baby alone or have someone help me?

This is another important question that you may ask yourself. Most women who have natural childbirth can get back on their feet within a couple of days after delivery. If you feel some pain or discomfort, you may be unable to take care of your baby. You can consult with your ob-gyne to ensure that you are in a good health to take care of your baby alone. Once you are healthy, you will be ready to take care of your baby.

Most women who get a Caesarian delivery usually need to take a longer time to recover. You may also feel more pain in your stomach area because of the surgery procedure. However, it will never stop you from caring for your newborn baby. If it is the case, you need to find a little help for taking care of your baby. You will also get some massive biological changes in your body because your baby is now living outside of you. Therefore, you need to adjust all over again. It is okay for you to ask your partner, relatives, or friends to help you take care of your baby.

There are some professional babysitters who are ready to help you take care of your baby. If you are in the Philippines, you can find a lot of agencies that can provide you with trained and professional babysitters. They have all the necessary skills and knowledge in taking care of your baby. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding the best solution for taking care of your newborn baby. You can take some time to have a rest, so you can feel comfortable becoming a new mother.

There are many other things that you have to prepare before the delivery date. It will be a big day for you and your baby. It is the best time for you to get ready and make everything prepared, so you will never have to get any issues during the delivery process. It is very important for you to have a peaceful mind, so you can concentrate on your delivery process. If it is possible, you can also take a note on your journal, so you can get ready for your delivery date.

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