Get A Good Night Sleep by Feng Shui


Feng Shui for Bedroom is the important aspect because you need to have good rest to have a good life! This cannot be compromised, because not only will you pay the price now but you will pay an even bigger price later. A lot of people don’t know how much better and happier their life would be  because they have never experienced getting consistent refreshing sleep. If you can change this area of your life, your energy levels will naturally go up and your day at work will go a lot easier.

The bedroom where you sleep every night is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is a known fact that you spend one third of your life sleeping in your bed and spend even more time in your bedroom. The quality of your sleep will determine how good is your health, your energy levels, your moods and your progress in life. Few Feng Shui tips for your Bedroom can give you peacfull night rest.

1. Choose Bedrooms at the back-end of the house.

Back-end here means the portion of the house near the backyard. The main reason is that this bedroom is more quiet and away from the street.

2. Bigger bedrooms are not necessarily better.

Bigger the bedroom the more tired you feel in it. Its is hard to relax in a bigger bedrooms as surrounding cause us to sleep on high alert rather than fully relaxed.

3. The placement of your bed makes a difference.

Never place your bed with a window behind, beds headboard should be against the wall. this give you a sense of security. Bed should also not be placed against the same wall as the door. Bed should not share a wall with the toilet or the kitchen.

4. Avoid Bedrooms at the top of the garage.

Bedrooms above the garage are effected by noise from the garage , smell of the car exhaust and warmer room temperature.

5. Stay away from sharp edges.

Having sharp edges in your room pointing toward you is considered as negative in Feng Shui and contribute to bad sleep.

6. Peaceful Colors and Texture is the key.

Avoid vibrant colours, like orange, Red, black and yellow for curtains and bedroom walls, use peaceful colours. Pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Light blues and light greens are positive colors for a bedroom.

7. Mirrors and Technology

Remove all mirrors as mirrors have reflective energy and can interrupt in your sleep and is considered as negative Feng Shui. Same goes with TV, Phones and computer they emit harmful rays which disrupt your sleep.

8. Don’t store clutter under your bed.

Don’t hoard things under your bed this will make you restless. The space under your bed should be clear and clean to promote healthy energy flow.

9. Remove Hanging Furniture Above Your Bed.

Avoid anything hanging above your bed like chandelier or any other furniture that is just above your bed. Don’t place large furniture’s by your bed and never place your bed under a beam.

10. Remove plants and water features from your bedroom.

Plants and water features gives opposite energy that you need when you are sleeping. So if you want a good calm sleep remove the plants and water features from your bedroom.