Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Independence Day commonly called sete de setembro (seventh of september, ˈsɛtʃi dʒi seˈtẽbɾu) is on September 7, and it celebrates Brazil’s declaration of independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves on September 7, 1822.

The Independence of Brazil is one of our country’s most important historical events because it signposts the end of the Portuguese domain and the conquest of political autonomy. It has been attempted many times before and many people died in this fight.


The story of Brazil’s independence begins with Portugal. Since Brazil had been ‘discovered’ by the Portuguese in the 16th century, the governing of this land had, largely, been up to this European nation. Of course, other nations (such as France) tried to gain military and political power but had been largely unsuccessful. Attempting to flee from Napoleon’s invasion of Europe, the Portuguese court fled to Rio de Janeiro in 1808, where they seized control over the indigenous people. They also created banks and opened Brazil’s ports to a lot of European countries. Eventually, Brazil began to prosper, so the king of Portugal, Don João IV, allowed the colony to become part of the United Kingdom of Portugal. He left Brazil under the rule of a 22-year old prince named Dom Pedro. In 1821, the Portuguese State Council started discussions on reducing Brazil’s status to a colony. Dom Pedro did not agree with the state’s ideas, so the State Council asked Pedro to return to Portugal. He refused. On September 7, 1822, the council revoked his position to rule over Brazil. On that same day, he granted independence to Brazil.

Pedro II took over as the Emperor of Brazil and developed a keen interest in liberating other countries, notably Uruguay. In 1852 Brazil helped Argentina overthrow dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas. Although Paraguay invaded Brazil with the aim of suppressing its political and military influence in the region, the Argentinians and Uruguayans joined in favor of Brazil and defeated the Paraguayans and overthrew leader Francisco Solano López. He said “Hail to the independence, to freedom and to the separation of Brazil. For my blood, my honor, my God, I swear to give Brazil freedom. Independence or death!”

The Independence process included a series of measures, such as the creation of a Constituent Assembly, a Navy, and the insistence that all Portuguese troops returned to their homeland.

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How Brazilian Independence Day is Celebrated?

Independence day in Brazil is an official national holiday, so most locals will use the day off to soak in the sunshine. The epicenter of the celebration of Brazil’s Independence Day takes place in the capital city of Brasilia. Locals celebrate this holiday with many activities and events such as, Military parades, air shows, fireworks and music concerts. Thousands of proud Brazilians celebrate on the streets with flags, colorful banners, balloons and streamers. They dance, sing and enjoy the day with their friends and family.

Brazilian patriotism spreads far beyond the country’s borders. Vibrant festivities and parades take place around the world. Many major cities around the world, including London, Toronto and Los Angeles, celebrate the festival commemorating Brazil’s independence. In New York City alone, over 1.5 million people attend the annual celebration.

Brazilians are known for throwing good parties. Whether you’re at an official Independence Day event or simply spending some time with locals at the beach, you’re bound to have a wonderful day reflecting on how far the nation’s come.

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