Best Bridal Lehenga For All Seasons

Best Bridal Lehenga For All Seasons

D-Days are always special for brides as it’s their best day on which they want to look the best. As we know wedding season is ahead and the families who prepare for wedding festivities start purchasing things a year before only to avoid any hotchpotch at the last moment. A girl sees many dreams for her wedding and one of the major things that she wants to do at her wedding is to wear the most beautiful bridal lehenga. Weddings are the only occasion where every bride dream of getting adorned with the best and looks heavenly gorgeous than the other regular days.

Some prefer the brand over budget, some prefer budget over brand and some prefer both equally. It depends on the bride and her family and how they choose bridal lehengas. Nowadays designer lehengas are on a different trend. People are just crushing over Manish Malhotra’s and Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s lehenga nowadays.  Here are some of the most beautiful and deadly combinations of Wholesale lehengas India with beautiful colours, you can refer to. 

Fabrics in clothes matter the most as it depends on your preconceived plans, ideas, imagination, creativity, financial resources, and availability. The same kind of lehengas won’t look the best on every person but you need to think beyond that. You need to try different patterns of lehengas to add beauty and glamour to your wedding day.

Let’s travel into the world of beautiful lehengas in a virtual boutique chosen by many people nowadays:

  1. Sensuous Silk- Silk has a different kind of craze among the people. For weddings, people often get confused between raw silk and pure silk. In the clothing shops, one can find varieties of silk materials and even more beautiful than that. Raw silk actually gives a royal look and is also very rich and has an enticing form that can never go off-board. In silk also, you can find many colours such as red, green, pink, yellow, etc which can give an enchanting look to the bride. We have many designers in India and at the global level who in a real sense create raw silk material lehengas. There is a famous designer named Tarun Tahiliani who is famous for creating the traditionally embroidered two shades of raw silk lehenga. It can give a royal look to the bride.
  2. Mint with Gold- This is a perfect combination that most brides crave to adorn on their best day. It is the speciality of Sabyasachi Mukherjee who makes a very delicate yet beautifully crafted mint and gold which makes the lehenga a perfect blend of colours and embroidery on it. It is actually a very ideal choice for any bride for her special day.
  3. Mirror Detailing Bridal Lehenga- All thanks to designer Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor for working on the intricate mirror detailing in wholesale lehenga choli online for the bride and that too for their wedding day. It gives a gorgeous and star look to the bride girl on her day. One cannot take off their eyes from the bride adorned with such a lehenga.
  4. Peacock Affair- The master of bridal lehengas Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee again comes to the front page as he comes with the best and most unique pattern peacock-designed lehengas for brides. It’s a yellow-colored lehenga decorated with peacocks designs and flowers which is a work of art to be appreciated. It can give a vibrant look to the bride on the day wedding.
  5. Floral Bliss- Another master stroke by Sabyasachi Mukherjee is floral bliss as it gives the bride a very elegant yet decent look but makes her look the most stunning bride. It’s a choice for those who do not want to go over the top. The floral pattern and floral designs actually give a bridal charm to the entire look of the outfit of the bride.
  6. Traditional in Red- The rose flower embroidered lehenga has been preferred by many Bollywood celebrities for their special. It gives a traditional look to the bride and at the same time makes them look too beautiful and heavenly gorgeous. It can just take anyone’s heart away. It has been considered one of the best designs created by Sabyasachi.
  7. Intricate Detailing Lehenga- A masterpiece created by Anita Dongre who has just very outstandingly created this beautiful red lehenga designed and crafted in silk embroidered in gota, zardozi, and Resham work which is also attached with a net dupatta and a silk choli which gives a beautiful look.
  8. Royal Feels- It’s a rust-brown bridal lehenga created by Neeta Lulla. It gives a perfect look for monotone brides which gives any outfit a royal and elegant feel.
  9. A Blend of Pink and Red- It is just a color-blocking perfectionist which is created by Anushree Reddy who loves to keep the look minimalistic and modern. There is intricate floral work all over the dress.
  10. Pastel Affair- It’s a dusky pink lehenga that is adorned with zardozi and pearls which is no less than a dress. It will make a perfect combination for your day or night.
  11. Dil Guldasta- It’s the most unique and beautiful creation of Sabyasachi Mukherjee as it gives an elegant look to the bride.
  12. Dreamy Dusty Pink Bridal Lehenga- Pink has always been a favourite colour for most brides. It has also been created by famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. There is also heavy sequenced work attached to it.
  13. Maroon Lehenga- This kind of lehenga give traditional and elegant and the best part about it is that it has detailed work in it. This skirt has been designed by Payal Keyal and also has remained the showstopper in the bridal ramp walk.


Brides must remember one thing they should not wait till the last day and till the wedding is near. They should start seeing lehengas and bridal dresses from the day the wedding day is fixed. One should also go shopping for a bridal lehenga while having an open mind.

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