Anti Valentine’s Week

Anti Valentine’s Week

After a full week of love and romance comes the Anti Valentine’s Week. Along with love comes a lot of breakups and disbelief in love, so after a full week of celebration of love, comes days that are celebrated with kicks and slaps and breakups.

Anti Valentine’s Week as the name suggests is just opposite to Valentine’s day and hence the celebration. This week is considered anti-love. After a week-long celebration of love with promises hug and kisses it is not necessary that every vow and promise are kept so the need for Anti Valentine’s Week comes. The days of this week are liked by singles who don’t have anybody with them to celebrate Valentine’s day.

15th February – Slap Day

Just the day after Valentine’s Day is Slap Day observed on 15th February. It is not always possible to see the bright side of love sometimes the other person cheats on you so this slap day is observed. The day should be celebrated in a positive manner by slapping away the negativity and kicking out the pain of breakup from your life. This day is celebrated with your close friends and no significant others.

16th February – Kick Day

If your partner is cheating on you and you don’t like the relationship then just kick them out of your life on Kick Day. Not just the partner but anything which makes you unhappy can be kicked out of life, you can kick your ego and can promise to yourself to be successful.

17th February – Perfume Day

The third day of Anti Valentine’s week is perfume day celebrated on 17th February. Gifting Perfume is a small gesture to make up for the past two days’ fight.

18th February – Flirting Day

The flirting day is celebrated by giving up all the serious thoughts and relationships and taking time to flirt with someone you had an eye on.

19th February – Confession Day

Be true to yourself and confess your true feelings, learn from past mistakes and try to be a better person now. You could also confess to your shortcomings and work upon them on Confession Day. Doing so will help you lighten up your heart and you’ll feel amazing.

20th February – Missing Day

The missing day is when you remember the good times you shared with him/her, it’s time when loneliness crawls. Time to learn lessons from your past mistakes and partner and move on in life.

21th February – Break Up Day

The last day of Anti-Valentine’s Week is break-up day when you finally decide to break up and move separate ways. Don’t forget to break up with all the unhappy moments on Breakup Day and move on in life.

Some people are of the opinion that love is something to be cherished throughout our lives. Hence, celebrating love must not be restricted to a specific day of the year only. Despite criticism, the popularity of Valentine’s Day festival is increasing year after year. So if you don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s day or are a single or heartbroken soul then this week is suitable for you, as you don’t have to express love to someone and can improve yourself further in life. Anti Valentine Days also should have a good place in society as this week does not give the message of violence and hate.

Happy Anti-Valentine Week!!

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