7 Fashionable Ways to Slum it in Style During Festival Season

7 Fashionable Ways to Slum it in Style During   Festival Season

It’s time to dig out the sun cream and camping equipment once again, because festival season is finally upon us! While many of us have been counting down the weeks until we can get back out into the sunshine with live music and plenty of partying, the task of getting the fashion right without breaking the bank can be a tricky one. 

The beauty of festival season is that it allows us to take a walk on the wild side with our style, and embrace more daring looks to really embrace the spirit of the occasion. But with mud, unpredictable weather, and the endurance factor of partying in front of a stage all day, finding the right fashion can be a balancing act. 

Because any outfit is likely to be put through its paces throughout a day spent in front of the main stage, many festival goers are more motivated to ‘slum it in style’ with their looks, and embrace cool, functional fashion for less. 

But how can we slum our way to cost-effective festival attire? Let’s take a look at your roll call of low-cost festival essentials:

Embrace The Art of The Fanny Pack

The bum bag, otherwise known as the ‘bum bag’, is an absolute essential when it comes to festivals–particularly for the many attendees who are set to camp it out under the stars. 

In a nutshell, bum bags are a highly practical accessory for both guys and girls to keep their smartphone and other belongings safe and secure throughout the day and night without having to carry a larger bag over the shoulder (which can lead to unnecessary strain) or risk their phone falling out of their pockets. 

Light Jackets can Save an All-Nighter

Yes, it may feel a little unnecessary at 2pm when the weather’s hot and you’re just getting into the swing of things, but even in the summer temperatures can drop quickly, and embracing a light coat that can complement your outfit goes a long way. 

If you’re in it for the long haul, consider adding a jacket to your outfit that’s lightweight to carry but can do a job in the evenings when you’re hunting for a suitable food stall in between dance sessions in the DJ tents. 

Sunglasses Combine Function and Fashion

Sunglasses are a severely underrated fashion accessory at festivals. Not only can they perfectly complement your outfit, but they offer important protection from the sun. When you’ve been waiting for three hours to see your favorite band, your sunglasses may just help you to enjoy them without having to constantly squint to see them on stage.

To slum it in style with your choice of eyewear gas station shades can be a great low cost way of adding some flair and color to your outfit. 

For men, sunglasses can be one of the most effective ways of adding some fashion flair to your appearance. If you’re uncertain about the style you want to embrace for your festival, louder usually ends up being the most enjoyable option. 

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Bright Colors Can be More Than a Fashion Statement

If you’re looking to make a statement without breaking the bank, bright colors can be useful for far more than embracing the festival spirit. 

Bright colors can help you to embrace the vibrancy of festival life, but it can also help you to stand out from the crowd when it matters most if you become separated from your friends. This can be a particularly important thing when the main act has just finished encores at midnight and there are no familiar faces in sight.

Wearing bright recognizable colors like neon yellows, electric blues, or bright pinks can be a great way of making you more visible to your friends while also ensuring that you’re rocking an unmissable look. 

Make a Statement With Accessories

Remember that at a festival, bolder looks are always more enjoyable. This means that you have the freedom to incorporate more daring accessories into your outfit, and although the cost of cheap jewelry like necklaces, earrings, or bracelets are low from cheap retail stores, the impact they can have on your style is massive. 

Because festivals can be a great chance to express yourself, think outside of the box with your accessories. Items like anklets, crowns, halos, shoulder pads, or body harnesses can all build on a fun and eye-catching look. 

Once again, accessories can also carry plenty of function. Large hats and bigger sunglasses offer plenty more protection against the sun, for instance. 

No Outfit is Too Good for Sneakers


Sequin dresses and more frilly outfits are a highly popular form of festival attire, but it’s worth balancing out your style with a shabby-chic look alongside a trusty pair of sneakers. 

Yes, trainers can interrupt smarter outfit styles, but when the sun begins to set and you find that you’ve been on your feet all day, you’ll certainly be happy that you embraced more comfortable footwear. 

Because bold contrasts are encouraged at festivals, combining your best outfits with trainers can form an appealing juxtaposition–and not to mention happier toes when it comes to powering up for a second day of partying. 

Always Have a Rainproof Coat on Standby

The weather won’t always be your best friend when it comes to festivals, so it’s always worth investing in a waterproof cagoule in a bag, or any other form of weather resistant layer. After all, it’s better to be safe than soggy. 

While your festival experience won’t be defined by your outfit, you can certainly get into the spirit more easily, safe in the knowledge that you’ve built up a knockout outfit without breaking the bank. 

So get your festival itinerary in order and prepare for a summer of music, festival season never looked so good. 

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