6 Things To Consider When Buying Your Bridal Lingerie

6 Things To Consider When Buying Your Bridal Lingerie
Bridal Lingerie

Getting ready for your big day can be daunting. There is a ton of work to be done. From decor to food, invites to seating arrangements. But perhaps one of the most important priorities for any bride on her wedding day is to look her best. The outfit needs to be perfect, the hair, impeccable, the make-up, subline.

The lingerie? Well, that is something most brides-to-be forget about in the whirlwind of wedding prep. However, the right undergarments are crucial to being comfortable at your wedding ceremony and reception. For one, you need it to be comfortable through the long hours you plan to wear it. Secondly, it needs to enhance your appearance so that your beautiful outfit falls as it should. If you are getting married soon, here is what to keep in mind when shopping for bridal lingerie.

1. Don’t Delay

Don’t put shopping for your bridal lingerie on the backburner or you will regret it come wedding time. You don’t want to go shopping last minute and realize that the garments you want aren’t available or don’t fit as you thought they would.

Ideally, once you have planned the style of your wedding gown, you should discuss with your designer what lingerie is best. If you have something similar to the recommendation, carry it along for your first fitting so you have an idea if it works. Accordingly, you can then tweak your requirement when shopping for bridal lingerie.

2. Try It On

Don’t forget to carry your lingerie during your second fitting to ensure it works with the style of your outfit. When on, walkabout to see whether it is comfortable and soft against your skin, not pinching or cutting you as you move.

It should not cause the material on the outside to fold or crease awkwardly either and should ideally not show any visible lines on the outside (those this may be rectified if all the layers of your outfit aren’t stitched on yet). In fact, it is advisable to carry along all the accessories you plan on wearing on your wedding day with that particular dress – this includes shoes, hairpieces, jewelry, etc.

3. Remember Your Neckline

If you can, wear something with a similar neckline depth to your wedding dress when you go shopping to see how your bra will affect your cleavage. Those wearing backless or strapless dresses will want to try on as many options as possible and move about to see whether you are getting the support you need for your big day. If your outfit has a low neckline then your bridal bra will have to be engineered so that no fabric is seen peeking through your plunging silhouette.

4. Wear It For At Least A Few Hours

You don’t want any unsuspecting surprises such as the material turning itchy with a hint of sweat when you are busting a move on the dancefloor or a bra hook uncomfortably pressing against your skin while you are sitting through your own wedding ceremony. In order to ensure that your lingerie is comfy throughout your big day, wear it for at least a few hours at home. Also, be aware of the fit and how much support you are getting – especially from your bra or corset.

Are the straps adjusted right? Does the underwear sit in the right place with movement? Does the corset feel too tight after prolonged use? Use your findings to tweak or replace your bridal lingerie as needed. We recommend you do this at least a month before the wedding so you have time to rectify the situation, and again a week prior to the wedding in case your weight has fluctuated.

5. Get Some Backup

We know bridal lingerie can be expensive but you really don’t want to be scrambling a few weeks or hours before your wedding should something go wrong. You don’t have to buy a new set but keeping an appropriate extra set of lingerie from your existing collection can be a godsend in case anything goes missing – for example, if you are getting dressed away from home and a bag with your things gets misplaced.

6. Think About Colour

The color of your bridal lingerie will have to depend on your outfit. Sure, some outfits are thick enough to mask even brightly colored undergarments but, as a rule, bridal lingerie tends to be in neutral hues that either match the light colors of Western wedding gowns – white, ivory, blush, or beige –  or the brighter hues of Indian wear such as reds, maroon, pink and gold. Whatever color you choose, be sure to wear it under your final outfit before to ensure nothing is visible on the outside to take away from the beauty of your dress.

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