5 Reasons desert safari is the most thrilling activity in Dubai

5 Reasons desert safari is the most thrilling activity in Dubai

Are out thinking of undertaking the desert safari? If so, you are at an accurate destination. Let us conquer the red and golden sand dunes of Dubai with a thrilling desert safari ride!

The city of Dubai screams richness and luxury as it is made from the oil profits of its homeland. The emirate city is of architectural marvels, gleaming skyscrapers, and shopping  & recreational centers. Along with this stuff of glamor and glitz, there is an ancient desert. And it is the ancient lifestyle of the Arabians. This side of Dubai city presents intrigue, adventure, and an opportunity to witness what Dubai is actually about!

Many tourists have departed after placing their mark on the beautiful Arabian desert. Currently, it is your opportunity to do so. In this blog post, we have given reasons why you must fly and experience the desert safari in Dubai is the most thrilling and exciting activity you must check out!

1) To witness Dubai’s desert landscape

Indeed Dubai desert landscape is the ideal medium to throw your creativity, like an empty canvas.

Multiple photography lovers assume this spot as a benefit of clicking snaps, including bright sunsets and soft sand dunes. Then these incredible photos are now in many people’s mobile and desktop screensavers.

Moreover, you will think as if you are on an alien planet. The desert turns attractive at night when the clouds go away, and the sky full of stars appears. You won’t have ever witnessed such a sight!

2)To witness the richness and ancientness of Arabian culture and art

During the nighttime, you will reach the Bedouin camp for having a yummy dinner and recreation. Furthermore, you will get to know the Arabian culture as it was hundreds of years ago- colorful, fascinating, and theatrical. You will witness the beautiful belly dancing as the skilled young women spin around in their skirts to perform Tanoura, a folkloric dance. Moreover, fire-breathing residents will showcase their knowledge and skill in the fire element.

Furthermore, you may even get a henna tattoo, a reddish brown colored ink. This is a temporary tattoo, so no worries.

You may pick a design or with your creativity and create a unique design with the artist to draw on your skin. A couple of days after, the henna tattoo goes away.

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3) To dine like kings & queens at the unlimited Barbeque dinner buffet

Arabian cuisine has two essential ingredients: meat and spice. You may use the lined-up fire grills and prepare your own any type of barbeque according to your taste and appetite at the campsite.

There are plates of juicy and fresh fruits, sliced and kept to eat and watch the cultural show. This array of Arabian treats is excellent after a tiring day of fun and adventure under the bright sun. Moreover, fill your cup with Arabian coffee, shisha, or sweets to your already full tummy. You must end your desert safari this way!

4) To ride and select your own adventure

Consider the extensive desert your playground, as it has numerous adventurous activities. In exploring such adrenaline-pumping activities, you will surely have a memorable time.

Sandboarding is an activity that checks your balance as you glide down a heap of sand. You can roll or tumble and take a funny clip. Moreover, you may get in a 4×4 vehicle to experience dune bashing. This undoubtedly produces an adrenaline rush as the car goes down and up in the steep sand dunes. Furthermore, there are other activities like camel riding, quad biking, and horseback riding to check out. Whatever you select, you will surely bring home some amazing snaps taken there during the morning desert safari in Dubai.

5) To experience a once-in-a-lifetime glance at rare wildlife

You get to meet the falcon, UAE’s majestic hunting and national bird on your desert safari trip. Moreover, falconry is a traditional sport. Many flacon owners bring their falcons for sightseers who wish to take selfies and snaps with them. How cool!

You may spot further local fauna in the desert. Open your eye wide to look at owls, meerkats, Arabian oryx, and various flocks of birds. Moreover, do not have close contact with desert animals.

Final Thoughts

Well, we hope you know and have learned the reasons why the desert safari in Dubai is the most thrilling activity compared to the rest. On your next trip to Dubai, do not forget to add this desert safari to your trip’s must-visit list!

Dubai desert safari is of utmost fun and recreation. But it really matters from which organization you book your desert safari tour. Moreover, be careful while selecting or booking your entire trip. In fact, traveling and visiting the city of Dubai is something that will give you a memorable reminiscence for your entire lifetime memory.

Happy safariing!

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