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Navratri Days – What to do and what not?

Things You Should Do During Navratri: The nine holy days called Navratri. Many of you must keep the fasts/prayers that may be part of your family's...

Mahatma Gandhi – 150th Birth Anniversary

Mahatma Gandhi 150th birth anniversary to be celebrated as a year-long world event. There will be a two-year-long celebration with a range of cultural events...

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation". It...
Dussehra festival

Dussehra festival – Triumph of good over evil

Dussehra celebrates the triumph of good over evil and of the prevalence of truth. Dussehra commences both the victory of the warrior Goddess Durga (consort of...
Navratri prasad

Navratri – Asthami or Navami Prasad recipe

Sooji Ka Halwa - Prasad Ingredients: 1 cup sooji (semolina) 1/4 cup ghee (or enough to moisten the sooji) 1.5 cups fine grain sugar/1.25 cups coarse grain sugar 3...