15 Tips And Tricks To Study During Exams

15 Tips And Tricks To Study During Exams

The push to study hard, get good marks, and be overachievers causes heavier workloads and a more challenging lifestyle for students. Parents expect their children to be the topper of the school so that they get admission to a good college easily.

Universities and colleges look for students with a good percentage, because of that students are pushed to be overachievers. To be an overachiever doesn’t mean you have to become a bookworm, you just need to maintain a proper time-management habit of doing studies.

No matter how much you learn and prepare for exams, during the exam every student is in doubt that was his/her preparation enough to score good marks in exams. So let us discuss some facts we need to take care of while preparing for exams so that you are fully prepared and score well in exams.

How to study during exams

Many students don’t care to study regularly the whole year round but they want to do everything in the last days of exams. The basic rule is to study regularly daily for some time so that you don’t have any tension and hesitation during the examination. Now let us see some basic tips by which you can prepare for exams efficiently.

1. Create your own study guide

Creating your own guide will help you to understand the subject efficiently, if you are studying something make sure to write it in your notebook.

The way you make your own notes will help you to understand the subject better. You can use diagrams or flowcharts to improve your understanding of the subject better and this will let you remember it longer.

2. Ask questions

If you have any doubts regarding any topic or question you might think may come in the exam ask your professor/teacher about it and clear your doubt.

This will not only help you to understand the topic better to solve exam questions but also get a deep insight into the topic so that you can write a better and clear answer in the exam.

3. Prepare beforehand

Whatever topic is being taught in school it is best practice to read it beforehand in the home so that while in class you grab the important points and can ask your, teacher, your doubts and questions. This will not only increase your confidence but also help you to understand and remember the topic for a long.

4. Study Group

Studying with a group can be very beneficial. It will not only make your topic interesting at the same time you can grab some issues about it that you don’t know.

Every person has a different level of understanding, while in group studying you can share your understanding within a group while others can do the same and you will get to know various issues related to the topic which you didn’t think of.

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5. Take a break while studying

Studying a topic regularly for a long will not help, you will tend to get bored fast and your mind will not remember things for long.

For efficient and clear studying take regular breaks while studying, this will help you to understand the topic better and also remember things for long.

6. Sleep well

Sleep is an important factor in determining your health of mind, it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours at night so that your mind is fresh and healthy.

If you are not sleeping properly and constantly studying then your mind will feel the pressure, you won’t be able to understand the topic well and your mind won’t let you take interest and remember things better.

7. Studying needs time management

Proper time management is needed for effective and useful studying like it is better to study theoretical subjects in the morning while practical subjects can be studied in the evening. Give at least 1 hour to a particular topic but if you are finding the topic difficult you can give it more time for clearing your understanding.

8. Prioritize your study time

During exam days it must be your priority to give attention to your study. In order to get good marks in exams, you have to grab everything you have studied in the year so make it a priority to give more time to studies and revision.

9. Quiz yourself

When you are trying to understand a topic there must be various questions that pop into your mind. You can make a rough draft of the probable questions, this will help you understand things that need more attention.

Drafting potential questions will help you in preparing and focusing on things that need more clarification and will help you prepare for your exams better.

10. Re-evaluate your notes

Reorder and re-evaluate your notes, highlight the important points and concepts so that while revising for exams it becomes easy for you to grab important things easily.

11. Teach classmates

Research has shown that the one who grants knowledge to learn more than the one to whom it is imparting knowledge. If you are explaining a topic to your friend then you will understand it better and remember it for a long.

12. Set the focus and your goal

Focus is important to get success in anything you do, same goes for studies if you want to remember things for long then you need to set your focus on a specific subject first. So it is important you remember your goal and increase your focus on the topic you are studying.

13. Study hard

It is often seen that while studying students say that they are not in the mood of studying or feeling sleepy while studying. There is a lot of such problems that arise which stop you from studying hard and focusing, you need to find some suitable solution for these problems.

If you are feeling bored and not in the mood of studying then take a break take a short walk and remember your goal of life and what you are aiming for. Make friends with intelligent students in your class learn the way they study and get experience from them.

14. Your imagination counts

Whatever topic is being taught in school try to make a map or diagram for it by doing that you try to understand what is being taught in that topic. This map or diagram will remain in your mind forever and will help you in understanding and remembering the topic well.

15. Make learning fun

You can never do studies under pressure, you won’t understand and remember things well if you are doing it under pressure. Try to make studies interesting and fun just like you enjoy fulfilling your hobbies.

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