10 Ramayana Places In Sri Lanka You Can Visit

10 Ramayana Places In Sri Lanka You Can Visit
10 Ramayana Places In Sri Lanka

We all know the importance of Ramayana in India and almost everybody is aware of the events which took place in Lanka between Ram and Ravan. The Lanka of Ramayana is present Sri Lanka and you can find much evidence and proven proof in Sri Lanka where Ramayana’s events occurred.

There are more than 50 places in Sri Lanka which are mentioned in Ramayana and related to its character. We are sharing 10 Ramayana related places in Sri Lanka which are connected to the Ramayana with strong folklore and proofs.

1. Seetha Amman Temple 

Seetha Amman Temple


Amman Temple located in Seetha Eliya or Nuwara Eliya, where Sita was held captive by Ravana, according to legend Sita bathed in the river next to the temple. Footprints of Lord Hanuman can be seen on the rock next to the river. Some footprints are said to be small while others too big which tells us about the power Lord Hanuman had to transform himself into any size.

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2. Sita Kotuwa

Ashok Vatika

Sita Kotuwa is one of the main places to visit while having a Ramayana Tour in SriLanka, it was this place where Sita was held captive after kidnapping by Ravana. The place is surrounded by a waterfall and beautiful stream and the place was named ‘Sitha Kotuwa’ or ‘Sitha fort’ as Sita stayed here.

3. Munneswaram Temple and Manavari Temple

munneswaram temple

According to the legend, Lord Rama after winning war with Ravana started his journey back to Ayodhya. But he killed Ravana and acquired Brahmana Hatya Dosham for killing a Brahman. So Lord Rama at Munneswaram prayed to Lord Siva for a solution it was then Lord Shiv advised him to install four Shivling to get rid of the Dosha. So Lord Rama install Manavari, Thirukoneswaram, Thiruketheeswaram, and Rameshwaram shivling and prayed them.

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4. Ram Sethu

Ram Sethu

Mannar is an island in the northwestern part of Sri Lanka and one can visit Adam’s Bridge or Rama Sethu in Talaimannar which is also one of the essential parts of Ramayana. Ram Sethu is a legendary bridge built by Rama with the help of his army to reach Lanka.

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5. Pushpaka Vimana

Pushpaka Vimana

King Ravana brings Sita Devi in a Pushpak Vimana which is widely known in Sri Lanka as the “Dandu Monara Yanthranaya,” or Large Peacock Machine in Sinhala, This is also called Gavagala.

6. Sanjeevani Mountain Dolukanda

Source: source: https://www.trawell.in

Dolukanda is another famous place in Sri Lanka with a strong link to Ramayana. According to legend, Lord Hanuman was asked by Rama to fetch herbs to save Lakshman who was wounded during the war, and Hanuman unable to identify the herb and brought the whole Sanjeevani Mountain. while flying the mountain fell on five places in Lanka named as Dolukanda, Rumassala, Ritigala, Thalladi, and Kachchativu.

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7. Hanuman Temple in Ramboda

anjaneyar temple
Source: Source: https://www.ramayanatours.com

Lord Hanuman is often called Anjaneyar by Tamils, as his mother’s name is Anjan. On the hills of Ramboda Lord Hanuman is built where Lord Hanuman is believed to have searched for Sita. The place is also known for Ramboda Falls, there is also a lake nearby known as ‘Sita Tear Pond‘ it was said that Sita Devi tear fell here.

8. Ravana Temple & Caves

Ravana Temple & Caves
Source: Source: https://www.visitella.com

Situated near Ella, Ravana Temple & Caves were build to connect various locations of Ravana empire, they were a secret passage which serves as quick means of transport through the hills. Existing tunnel mouths are also situated at Ishtripura in Welimada, Senapitiya in Halagala, Ramboda, Labookelle, Wariyapola in Matale, and Seetha Kotuwa in Hasalaka. The Ravana Ella Falls and the Ravana Ella Cave are located close to the Wellawaya and the valley is called Ella Gap.

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9. Divurumpola

Source: Source: https://tripstarsrilankatours.com

Divurumpola is a place where Sita did ‘Agni Pariksha‘ to prove her innocence. When Sita plunges into the fire, Agni the lord of fire prevented any harm to Sita proving her innocence.

10. Sigiriya


Sigiriya, also known as Lion Rock, according to legend Sigiriya is one of the places where Ravana kept Sita captive in Sri Lanka.

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