10 Easy New Year Resolution Ideas

10 Easy New Year Resolution Ideas

The New Year is a time to reflect upon the 12 months we leave behind and set some goals for the upcoming year. The best thing about New Year’s Eve is the New Year’s resolutions it gives you an excuse to make. Make small New Year’s resolution that you can easily make in your life, small changes done over time will equate to huge habit changes that become ingrained.

New Year’s resolutions produce two types of men each and every year, one is the action takers who stick to their routine they have set for themself and others are action fakers who make set high goals for New Year and are unable to commit to their goals, they disregard them entirely. Love ’em, hate ’em, try ’em, deny ’em—whatever your relationship is with New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a good chance you have an opinion about them.

We are going to share 10 easy New Years’ resolution ideas, focusing on small things you can do every day to make a positive change in your life, instead of setting goals that you know you are probably going to give up on mid-year. It is better to focus on small changes to build a better system of habits. through small daily actions, you can create a better lifestyle and a more successful year.

1. The first easy resolution you can set is to always have a water bottle with you at all times. If you are not drinking enough water this habit is great for you to make it a point to keep a water bottle next to your desk or by your bed just don’t go anywhere without having water nearby. If you are leaving the house always bring a water bottle with you in your backpack or purse this will put you in the habit of staying hydrated throughout the day, which we all know is really important for healthy brain and skin function.

2. Prioritize healthy food choices first-Eat the rainbow, first put veggies on your plate before putting on proteins and carbohydrates. Make it the focus of the meal versus an afterthought a rule that you will like you can set your rule as having fruits the first meal of the day. Start your day with a bowl of fruits and eat rest, later on, you will be sure that you are making a healthy choice.

3. Place a book where you want to read it, it sounds simple but the visual cue really makes a difference. For example, after you wake up you can put a book on your bed or your pillow so that you remember to pick it up and read a few pages before going to bed. You can also put the book on the top of your laptop or keyboard at the end of the day so that it prompts you to read a couple of pages before starting work or going online the next day. You can also keep the book on the dining table so that you can read it while eating lunch so instead of being on your phone you can read a book it is a very easy habit. When you see a book already kept on the table to open it and read it easily.

4. End your yoga or workout sessions with 3-5 minute meditation. It is not an easy habit to incorporate but a consistent meditation routine in your daily chores is surely going to help you in a long way. It can be thought of as a natural way to rest after a workout. The easiest and simple meditation is Shavasana which is just laying down and closing your eyes. After a good workout session it is time to let your body rest and recover while your mind can relax into calm and peace, so if you have moved your body during the workout make it a habit to either lay down or sit and meditate for a short while. Your mind is more clear after exercising and you will find it easier to meditate then.

5. Put appointments in your calendar 15 minutes earlier than the actual start time, this will help you in stopping getting late for things. Also on top of accounting for travel and getting ready and all of those things combined these 15 minutes will help you a lot and you will learn to be better at managing your time instead of trying to squeeze too much in too little time.

6. Always take the stairs when you can. Let others with you follow this rule or not you yourself should make it a compulsion of taking the stairs instead of using the escalator. It is a kind of inspiring rule where you are getting a free workout. But you can always still take the elevator if you are traveling multiple floors.

7. Watch TV while moving your body. We are not asking you to do the full workout you can easily just stretch or do some simple exercise, in that way you will be less of a couch potato and more a moving potato.

8. Create a rule to brush your teeth immediately after dinner, so that you are less likely to snack at night. Just think of brushing straight after dinner so that you can avoid snacking altogether.

9. Set app limits on your phone to reduce screen time, it will be a game-changer if you decide in advance how much time you want to give yourself to spend on social media apps, NetFlix, etc. Setting an app time limit will help you in reducing screen time.

10. Connect with your family and friends daily and Leave a genuine comment on your friends or family post instead of just liking them and scrolling. Being in contact with your family member or friend will help your mental health. Every simple comments and compliment mean a lot more than passing likes that go unnoticed, leaving a comment is a small action but it builds a better human connection and sparks conversation between you and the people you care about.

Setting a New Year resolution doesn’t have to be about setting lofty goals instead of setting goals try to set a new system for yourself. By doing small changes and setting small rules in your life you are improving your life bit by bit.

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