World Humanitarian Day 2021

World Humanitarian Day 2021

World Humanitarian Day is held annually on 19th August to recognize and pay tribute to those people who risk their lives in humanitarian service and propagating the idea of generating a more humane world.

World Humanitarian Day is the outcome of the relentless efforts of the Sérgio Vieira de Mello Foundation and his family working closely with the Ambassadors of France, Switzerland, Japan, and Brazil in both Geneva and New York to the table and steer the draft Resolution through the General Assembly.

World Humanitarian Day was first observed in august 2009 by the General Assembly of the UN. The date 19 august is chosen as it is the anniversary date of the 2003 Canal Hotel bombing in Baghdad. The total number of people affected by natural disasters has increased due to an increasing economic crisis and global challenges like poverty, global health problems, increase prices which demand more humanitarians each year.

World Humanitarian Day is an occasion to educate people to help people affected by crises and mobilize political will and resources for Humanitarian work. Its a day to celebrate and reinforce the achievements of humanity who are working hard to make this world a better place.

World Humanitarian Day 2020 theme is “Providing life-saving support during the pandemic”.

World Humanitarian Day
A pregnant woman was rescued in flood-hit Kerala Source:

On World Humanitarian Day we honor the work of women in the time of crises we salute and focus on these unsung heroes, who have been working on the front lines in their communities to help people at the time of crisis.

Women aid workers are working in difficult terrains of their communities and war-wounded in Afghanistan, from the Sahel to Central African Republic, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen these humanitarians are working throughout the world helping people in need.

From humanitarian working all over women make up a large number, they add to the global momentum of female strength, power, and perseverance. Its time to honor the women who have helped at the time of crisis and many who have lost their lives while serving humanity.

Happy World Humanitarian Day!

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